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  • Luck

    RANT WARNING - Explicit language below

    I must I have just enough good luck to counter the my bad luck. Take my SCI for example, they tell me I'm lucky to be alive, but I say if I were really lucky I wouldn't be paralyzed.

    Today I had to take my car to the dealership for service. The dealership is a little over an hour drive from where I live. They were having to replace a regulator in the rear passenger window because it would stick sometimes and trip the pinch sensor, which kills power to the window motor and makes it go back down.

    When they finished, they pulled my car around and parked it out in the parking area while I was signing papers for the warranty crap. It starts to pour down raining just as I'm about to go out to the car. They had to move some other cars so they could pull it up under the covered area for me. The guy that pulled it under the covered area for me left it running, and I noticed it was idleing higher than usual.

    I transfer in the car and tap the hand controls and it revs up higher so I shut it off. I cranked it again, and it reved up as soon as it started. I shut it off and called one of the service guys over and told him what it was doing, cranked it up and showed him. He told me to hold on while he went to get someone.

    They shouldn't have been screwing with the engine, so I checked my hand controls and discovered that they were bent and it was pushing down on the gas pedal.

    I was quite pissed off by now.

    A lady from the service desk comes out to see what's going on. Even though I'm pissed, I manage to keep cool and prevent the bad things that I was thinking from coming out of my mouth. I told her that they bent my hand controls and asked if she could go look up the number for the mobility place that installed them (which isn't too far from the dealer) and see if they could come fix it.

    While she's gone to look up the number, I inspect the hand controls and I see that they somehow shoved the whole thing to the right somehow, so I pull on it and manage to pull it back to the left enough so it wasn't pushing on the gas pedal.

    She brings a phone out and dials the number to the mobility place, but they're gone to lunch. I told her that I managed to bend it back enough to drive it, so I would take it on over there. I program the number to the mobility place in my cell phone and I leave the dealer before they fuck something else up.

    I drive over to the mobility place and they had just gotten back from lunch when I pulled in. The service guy there gets in, looks at it, tugs on it and the whole thing just pulls down. [img]/forum/images/smilies/eek.gif[/img]

    It turns out that none of the rods were bent, but the two main bolts holding it in place were lose, and I guess when the mechanic at the dealer got in he bumped it hard enough to move it. He thought they had losened them to do the work, until I told him that they were only fixing the rear passenger window. I asked him if it was possible that they just worked lose over time, and he said there's no way that they could just come lose.

    I think that the mobility place just didn't fully tighten them when they installed them in the first place, and it took a clumsy mechanic to discover it.

    Once again I'm lucky enough that the hand controls didn't fall apart on me while driving, but damnit why can't I just be lucky and not have shit like this happen in the first place?

    Learn from the mistakes of others, you won't live long enough to make all of them yourself.
    Learn from the mistakes of others. You won't live long enough to make all of them yourself.

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    I don't swallow that "lucky to be alive" shit either

    As you say we would have escaped without a scratch if we were lucky - I've heard of enough cases of people escaping from serious accidents with nothing wrong with them while we're left with permanent disabilities which impact every aspect of our lives.


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      Man, I feel your pain....Today, I went to lunch w/ friends, when leaving, the boom on my chair lift in my truck bed wouldnt swing out. Got my friend to load my chair in the back and headed to the mobility place. I had a urologist appt at 3, this was at noon. Got there and pulled into a bay, they couldnt figure it out after 1hr 45min. I'm getting pissed by this point. They find the guy that did all my mods, and he fixed it in 5 min. Anyway, I missed my uro-appt, so now I cant see the doc till August. [img]/forum/images/smilies/mad.gif[/img]
      Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies...


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        Car troubles are a bitch. I got a friend to take my van to the dealership so they can fix something to do with the computer on the van. It was recalled by dodge so its free for me. Any way I call the place to tell them to leave the vehicle unlocked and put the keys in the ashtray so when my friend got off work he could bring it to me. So what do they do? Not only did they leave the vehicle locked but they also locked the keys in the van. At least another day without my vehicle.


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          Bastards! My friends went up there this moring. Got the doors unlocked. But apparently the machanics at the place messed something because now my seat wont move, the door wont come open, the ramp wont come out and the van wont lower. At least before I could at least get in my van and use it. [img]/forum/images/smilies/mad.gif[/img]


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            Vehicles......Blah!! Mechanics..GRRRR! Yes I know the screwed up van thing.I've been stuck a year after purchasing a van with a lemon that cannot be driven and it looks like I will be dealing with a lawsuit against Adaptive Mobility. So I KNOW how frustrating it is!!

            Its like they do not understand that we cannot just go rent or buy another car, one, it costs to much and they have our darn money, and two, we have adaptive stuff on that so we can ride/drive these things, otherwise we are stuck at home twidling our fingers trying to figure out what to do about it! And the mechanics don't care, they just make a mess of our stuff and do a "who did it? and ran."!!!!
            Disability is not a medical problem with social issues, but rather a social problem with medical issues.
            Franklin D. Rosevelt


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              Being paralyzed qualifies you as a dues-paid member of the Bad Luck Club imo. Everybody's lucky to be alive LOL-well, except the dead ones I mean.

              I was watching Jackass the movie again the other night. Do you ever watch stuff like that and think "Yeah, they're being idiots but I got the broken neck!"?

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              And us quads can talk about the past and laugh"-Professirx
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