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weird hospital dreams...

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    weird hospital dreams...

    Aside from the ceiling spinning (sometimes I could control the direction) I only remember one dream while I was hospitalized. It went like this.

    I was riding a white bike (no big surprise there, other than the color -- I've never owned a white bike) and wearing white bike shorts, a white jersey. I am riding through an aspen or birch forest, maybe in the Colo Rockies. I am following a narrow trail which winds around these trees, but the trees have very white bark.

    I am zipping along, really leaning in the curves, actually surprised how good the traction is, why haven't I slipped? Around every twist in the trail are more white bark trees and they are getting taller. My speed is increasing but I am just so focused on following the trail, until around the next turn is the biggest, whitest tree of all, and the trail just goes straight into the trunk.

    I hit the tree hard and I think it actually jolted my head in bed. Anyway, I usually don't remember dreams very well but this one stuck. Maybe it was the morphine and other stuff...?

    Have any of you had memorable hospital dreams?


    I think dreaming of crashing or dieing is normal in the hospital after trauma with all the morphine and other drugs.

    I got a sci from crashing a sportbike and the dream i had was that i would be walking and for no apparent reason, fall down on my face and continue to roll and roll, each time hitting my face hard to where i couldn't get up. I had another one where there was this huge manual lawnmower looking device where i would slowly get sucked into, ground-up and then ejected back out whole, but messed up. These dreams almost had an odor to them, its hard to explain, like i could taste stuff while dreaming. These where also recurring dreams.

    I had a versed drip too, since i was intubated but the vivid dreams came later when i was on the PCA pump.

    My last surgery to remove the rods resulted in me having another PCA to control pain, but i never had wild dreams. I think alot of it is having to do with more then just morphine, like dilaudid and versed drips and being in a trauma state.


      I had so many crazy dreams while I was in the hospital that it's scary. I think the nurses thought I was a little bit nutty.

      The craziet one I had was I was somehow flying, with a bright red cape on, through K-Mart and going through the clothes department, up and down and under the racks. It was so fun in the dream. And among others, I thought that I was in the hospital because I had had a baby...not for SCI. I knew what she looked like and even named her. (I'm not telling ever what it is b/c it's MINE. Hehe.) That's when I think my parents looked at my then-boyfriend & knew I wasn't as innocent as they had hoped. LoL.

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        No memorable dreams, but your story does remind me of a real-life experience similar to your dream, Jeff. I was on a singletrack trail up in the Pennsylvania mountains, riding fairly swiftly w/ my buddies, when I came around a curve & didn't have time to stop to avoid a tree that had fallen in the middle of the trail. It was a too big to hop over at the speed we were moving, and needless to say, I wrecked... bent both rims, and screwed up my front brake. A few trail repairs and I was moving again... although I did hit my head & put a huge crack in the helmet.

        the SCI happened in a different instance though.

        ah, those days...


          I had the bike crashing dream once a week before my accident. I'd dream about working and have an accident. Just as I was falling asleep that dream would shake me awake. I was a messenger so I did alot of biking. Oh, the irony. I still get it sometimes, but not much.

          My morphine dreams were way crazier than that. Totally delusional.

          Babies, before we're done here, y'all be wearin' gold plated diapers!


            I had some crazy dreams too.
            I had one dream that I was in the hospital for just a broken leg and while in the hospital for that I was also still working. I would go put my 8 hours in and then come back to the hospital and get in bed! Also I remember dreaming of a purple power puff girl..LOL




              White is all the colours synthesized; it is the image of purity and light, innocence, joy and immortality. In dreams white is a symbol of purity and hope but, like blue, it can represent the death of the self, the horizons of the infinite where one becomes lost. It can become the colour of mourning in this sense. White is the colour of snow, which is connected with joy, as well as desolation and death.


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                I've had a similar real crash (not dream, unfortunately) where I ran straight into a log across a single track trail. I really blew it though, since I'd ridden this trail before and knew the log was there. Somehow, while chasing down my friend in front of me, and a misplaced shadow, I forgot about the log until too late. I hit it good and figured I'd snapped those old Rock Shox Mag 21 forks, but they held up (better than I).

                This story reminds me of a recent conversation I had:
                me: "I thought with my active lifestyle I'd be running around a lot longer than this..."

                Friend: "I thought you'd be down a lot sooner than this, with all of your crashes and near misses it's amazing you lasted as long as you did!"

                ... ah, the mysteries of life...


                  I didnt really have any funky dreams,but i kept revisting the same stretch of road every night for about month.It was always the same,i knew what was gonna happen but i couldnt stop it..

                  ~~I went to heaven,but couldnt get in for what i had done.I said ''please take me'',they said your crazy,you had to much fun~~


                    I had a few very strange dreams but one that stands out is as follows. I'm strapped down to a conveyer belt while lying on my back. As the conveyer belt moves along through a greyish poorly lit room, nurses are pulling parts of my body off of me. I fight to get out of the restraints, but they're too strong.

                    I'm sure it parallels my first experience in the trauma unit, but it still scared the living shit out of me.


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                      interesting thread--

                      I don't know if Bruce will remember this, but when he was about a month post, I came into the hospital one morning and he told me he'd dreamed that he had been turned into a piece of furniture, like a footstool, or some kind of bizarre ottoman.

                      It was funny, but also spooky and sad. He could hardly move then. This was the very first time he had slept enough to even have a dream.

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                        In rehab, a few of us were comparing hallucinations and there seemed to be a common one associated with morphine drips.
                        You wake up and look at the foot of the bed and are convinced that you're somehow hung up on the wall and you're looking down at the floor. It would take a while to convince yourself that you were actually horizontal.
                        One lady kept seeing a troop of baboons outside here window for a couple of days and then she was convinced that the nurses had taken her along with them to Atlantic city and put her up in a hotel room that was a duplicate of her hospital room so that she would be fooled into thinking she was still in hospital!
                        Good stuff!