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I Stood up!!! (by accident)

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    I Stood up!!! (by accident)

    I'm a T-2, complete as they come. I haven't stood up in a controlled environment since my accident last Feb. Notice I said, CONTROLLED ENVIRONMENT. The other day I was transfering out of my Honda CRV and ended up standing on my own two legs!


    So I got ready to transfer and placed one hand on my steering wheel and the other on the door handle. My left foot is on the foot plate and my right is dangling. Done this a hundred times before. Everything's a go for launch. As I start my transfer, my left foot pushes my chair away from me and my car. It's too late to turn back now.(not that I could if I wanted to) Both feet rest on the ground as I dangle in a modified "Iron Cross", to coin a gymnastic term. I have to make a quick decision to go up or down. Hmmm???

    I push myself up and look down at my legs. I couldn't believe that they were straight! First time since my accident. I start to look around and notice that I can see over the roof of my car. What a familiar site that used to be! I'm actually enjoying it- for about 10 seconds. Then I remembered that my chair was not accessable, and I was Standing paralyzed outside of my car. Fear starts to take over. I slowly lower myself to the point that I can get my right butt cheek on the door jam. From there I quickly let go of the door handle and hook my left arm over the roof of the car. My right hand goes to the seat and I begin to slowly lift myself back on to the seat. Sit there for a moment and then look at my chair sitting about four feet from my car. The smart thing to do would be for me to start my car and move it over to my chair, right? Wrong, the keys to the car are already in my "man purse" (thats what my wife calls my backpack hanging on the back of my chair) which is connected to the wheelchair already. I grab the steering wheel with a death grip, scoot over as far as I dare without falling off the seat and lean out of the car and pull the chair to me. I'm pretty much horizontal at this time.

    Now this time I swallow my pride and engage the wheel locks and transfer as smooth as butter. I laugh at myself and wonder if anybody saw me. If they did watch me, they probably thought a was faker since I "stood" on my own.

    I wonder how long it will be until I start to transfer without engaing my wheellocks again. I give my self 2-3 weeks, I 'm really a big dumb animal.

    Just another day in the world of SCI.

    Must have felt good-even if it were only for a few fleeting seconds. Good luck with trying it in the future!..


      i had something similar happen about 1yr post. i wasn't doing a transfer i was shopping at office depot. my legs tried to run away from me!

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        My leg spasms used to be so bad that if I put my feet off the foot plate and onto the floor, did a push up and wiggled side to side it woud trigger my legs to strighten and I would practically stand up. I still had the anti-tip bars on when I did that, if I didn't the chair would have flipped over backwards when I fell back into it.

        Learn from the mistakes of others, you won't live long enough to make all of them yourself.
        Learn from the mistakes of others. You won't live long enough to make all of them yourself.


          That happens to me sometimes!

          The difference with me though is I'm a C5/6 Quad and it happens when my wife does a standing transfer out of the car, we must look a right sight!

          She lifts me up, my legs spasm and lock straight, and we're left in a standing position, holding onto each other, she then has to gently "bounce" me to stop the spasms so I can sit down.

          It must look a right sight to onlookers, they all probably have us down as being a right horny couple!

          Simon [img]/forum/images/smilies/smile.gif[/img]


            That is pretty interesting when it happens, eh? I did something like that a while back when playing around with my braces. I was going to try to 'stand' and my legs did a bit of spazzing and sure enough, I stood under my own power for a while (the braces still need adjusting so the drop-locks actually work). Pretty cool for sure when you can have some sort of pre-SCI functioning.



              Do you consider this positive experience?

              I would.....That means you can do it!



                Of course I thought it was positive experience! I did my rehab at Magee in Philadelphia. It was a great place, but they never had me stand. I start P/T at the local V.A. medical center next month. They've already told me that I will be standing and walking with braces in March. I can't wait!!