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serious depression - lack of cure progress

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    You can live a happy life in a wc..Its up to you to make it happen! stiggy

    "The Meaning of things lies not in things themselves,but in our attitude towards them"
    "The Meaning of things lies not in things themselves,but in our attitude towards them"


      I'm reading it LindsayS


        I am still struggling - doctors are back on Wednesday and they will augment efexor and olanzapine with sodium valperate -

        I can call "the crisis team" but they are already sick of my repetitive complaining

        I'm so depressed i feel as if I'm losing my mind


          If they are the crisis team, listening to your repetitive whining is their job. Make them earn their checks, Chris. Please call them. Hope you feel better soon.

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            It is Wednesday in NZ now. I hope you see the doctor today. Please keep us posted and if you can't then maybe your niece would?

            Hope you get some help and relief today.

            "A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles"....C. Reeve 1998

            Every day I wake up is a good one


              Hey Chris,

              Take it easy man. I'm C5/6 with limited use of my arms. I play drums for exercise. I had rehab engineering make me a set of drumstick holders. I could barely hit them at I pound away 2 hours a day and can keep a pretty good beat. Your only limited by imagination. I'm waiting for a cure as well, but I'm not dwelling on it.
              Take care man, we all care about you!

              My site will hopefully give you lots of reason to pull it together!
              Check it out:

              Doug B.
              Here's Hoping!


                Hi Chris,

                I'm sorry to hear that you are depressed again. You definitely are not alone. For some reason, I tend to stop taking my antidepressants. I take all my pills for SCI, but start ignoring these, even though they are sitting with all the rest. So I'm going back down again, too. I'm not sure what the weather is like there right now, but its winter here now and it always makes my depression worse. Lack of sunlight, seasonal affective disorder, really gets to me. I'm trying to make myself start taking my pills again, but it's going to be a long road back up.

                I don't know if you suffered from depression before your injury, but there are those of us who will battle depression all our lives. It doesn't have to be because of a specific thing, it's caused by a chemical imbalance. Someone in a previous post mentioned that depression is a disease and it surely least the depression caused by chemical imbalance. I've been told that I will have to take antidepressants all my life. Even when I'm taking them right my depression doesn't fully go away. I'm happier and don't think the "dark thoughts" as often, but it's still there. Especially since my SCI.

                Even though I started as a C5 quad and now am probably 80% back to normal, I'm still depressed about it. I'm grateful for what I have, but it won't be enough until I'm 100%. I don't think one person is really more depressed than another because he's a quad rather than a para. All of us are grieving for the life we lost due to SCI, no matter where the injury was or what amount of recovery we've had.

                Chris, please take care of yourself and don't give in. You just don't know how much it affects me to hear someone else in as much despair as I was in. It really scares me and goes straight to my heart. I really worry about you and hope things get better for you. Bug the hell out of the crisis team...thats the only way they will know just how depressed you are right now. That's important!

                Not working isn't helping your depression at all, I'm sure. I understand that you are unable to have an actual job, but what about volunteering somewhere? If you could do that, it would get you out of the house, around people, and you'd be doing something to help others. I've decided that if there comes a time when I can't work I'd like to volunteer at the animal shelter. It would keep me busy and I would love it! Think about doing something like that. I think it might help.

                Please keep us updated and don't stay away too long and have us all worried about you! Make those doctors realize how bad it is and do something for you quick!! Take care of yourself. Good luck!

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