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Virtual vs. Reality

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    "Virtual" once had two meanings. One meant "truthful" (See the cousin word "virtuosity" for a more comfortable fit) and the other had a specific definition with regard to optics, where a "virtual image" was one, which did not correspond to the location of an actual object. (IE, there is no person on the other side of the mirror looking back at you, but there is a candle on the other side of the lens.) It may have started earlier, but the use of the term "virtual reality" to denote the lack of actual objects in the imaging at least helped to subvert this word to come to mean "as if real" rather than "real." (See, "literally" and "figuratively.)

    Of course, the word etymology has its roots in a Greek word, which originally meant, "bored."

    Point being, your friends are using silly words anyway. But their point that human interaction on the net isn't genuine is false - it's a different medium of expression. People use technology to create many different media for expression, communication, and interaction. But there are advantages and disadvantages to each. To that end, if someone says you should get out more, it need not be a negative reflection on your use of the net. All things in moderation, etc.
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    Sounds like somebody has been watching too much Matrix. ;-)


      Robin Lee, I understand what you're saying and agree with you. The people in question I would not consider my friends. They are using the excuse that it's not "real" just "virtual" to say any hurtful thing that comes to mind and excuse themselves for it. They were definitely not trying to say I spend too much time here, they were just being rude and excusing it to themselves. Interesting though that they themselves take offense when someone is rude to them in the same atmosphere. I call that a hypocrite.
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        JT - having a go at me again

        geez - I wouldn't come here if i were not sci

        good description of me before sci - now miserable cripple

        thanks Jt


          I happen to know what Diamond is talking about as the convo was in chat.
          She completely misunderstood what was said or how it was tried in many attempts to explain. Seeing this post.. proves it moreso.

          Yes people are real.
          That is not the point.

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