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    Tonight on FOX

    A friend sent me this..ohhhh yeah this will get me going!
    I have yet to see any show of this bias that actually states facts as opposed to the smoke screen and propaganda.
    All based on hearsay ..
    This will be interesting

    Anyway in case you haven't heard at 9PM THIS SUNDAY the cable station FoxNews is doing a seg ment entitled "BREAKING POINT--Why doctors quit!" From the way it's advertised it may be another one sided debate about these "poor doctors". They didn't mention one thing about victims of medical malpractice or anything! They also go out of their way to bring up the affect this battle has on children!! I just wanted to e-mail you so you could tell the rest of the group to watch it and depending on the outcome, write letter to the TV station or do whatever. Obviously the best thing to do would be to contact Foxnews and ask them to do a rebuttal piece. Although I have tried this in the past without much luck, maybe you would get better results! Foxnews is always bragging about being "Fair and Balanced" here's its chance to live up to its name! We'll see what happens!
    Please pass this on to the rest of the group.
    Talk to you soon,

    P.S. Here's the link to the website:

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