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    I have found noone has answers when you hit rock bottom with depression especially combined with a piece of shit like sci which takes away many natural pleasures and alienates you from society. That is what has happened to me. It's all sports, sex, anti wrinkle creams, gyms, fun on the beach, dancing, viagra in case, god forbid, you have trouble having sex, antibaldness potions in case, god forbid, you should be losing your hair - call it trivial but it's gone forever and all we can wait for is function to deteriorate through overuse, poverty and being locked away

    A cure? I thought it would have happened by now - I slogged away for 19 years trying to socialise, working full time- by 45 I should have been at least taking some brisk walks now

    My mum always used to say when I was unhappy, at least you can go for a walk - woooops - not even that, but yeah walking, running sure made you feel good - NOTHING does now, just sit here getting heart disease, diabetes, whatever else the consequences of sitting are

    All I want is normal function for someone my age so I can particpate in life, control my own health , not be left out, patronised, depressed, suicidal, - everyone i know is like that, you have to go searching for someone in my pitiful state