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Being Judged

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    Being Judged

    Isn't sad that people are so ignorant on SCIs unless they have one? I can see some of the pity people have when they see me in the wheelchair and it annoys me because I don't feel sorry for myself so why should they? But then there are those who are curious but afraid of offending me by asking why someone so young is in that chair. So in order to vent without taking my frustations out on anyone, I started writing. I was having an inspirational moment when I wrote this and I just wanted to share it with everyone to remind them that even though we are judged not judge those who judge us because that makes us no better than them.
    "People often say
    Don't judge other people
    Mostly fearing what we don't know
    We defend ourselves by hurting others
    Why hide what you fear
    Why put it on a shelf
    When you judge people
    Just remember it's not them you see
    Because you've just judged....yourself."
    Keri R. Pollard

    *~ Luv-Ya-Bunchez ~*

    it's great that you don't feel sorry for yourself

    other people don't see people in wheelchairs very often, if at all


      When you judge people
      Just remember it's not them you see
      Because you've just judged....yourself.

      hey keri

      i think it's a very wise observation you've made. i find that writing really helps me too. keep it up!


        That's a great poem...and this is coming from someone who doesn't like poetry, so it's a high compliment. [img]/forum/images/smilies/wink.gif[/img]

        I was 16 when I was injured, so I've definitely the dealt with the wonderings related to why on earth someone so young is in a chair. I still deal with it now, at 22, in fact. Somewhat less so, but it's still there.

        The pitying glances will always be there, though, no matter how old you are, I think. It's just worse when you're young. I get an awful lot of "Oh honey, I'm so sorry," from strangers, to which I reply, "What do you have to apologize for? You had nothing to do with it." That usually makes them realize how silly it is to say the things they're saying.

        When people judge, they are judging themselves. People are too quick to make assumptions about others. I think it's human nature, but it's still bad. I just do my best to try to make people feel comfortable enough to ask the questions I know they're just too afraid to ask.

        I'm not deaf...I'm just ignoring you! [img]/forum/images/smilies/wink.gif[/img]
        "Legs are overrated. You can still get laid." - Kevin Girardi, "Joan of Arcadia"