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    Ok guys just needed some input. I was making a list to check off the things that I would need to be independent, so my question is, what do you find essential your independence(house,car,job etc.)?

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    well, marcos, maybe you can tell us what YOU consider would help you in aiding your independence. also, individual needs will ne different depending on their injury level and functional abilities. I'm interested in what your checklist consists of.


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      well besides the obvious things. I think I will feel comfortable with my independence when I have a good, steady, well paying job, I will have a vehicle that I can drive, I will have a house and of course have a full time PCA that not only does the medical stuff but also cook, clean, etc.. Then I will feel that I have reached a comfortable level of independence for being a c4-6 quad.

      thats where I left off on my list(how does it look?)


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        forgot the most important chair(already have one)


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          good list

          Good Luck!
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            Think you thought of pretty important things. What is important for you may not be imporytant for me (or anyone else) so thats why I asked what were your priorities on list. But I understand you wanting to see what others opinions are too, helps to see what/how others manage, and may give additional ideas.

            I share pretty much everything you listed. Well paying job is priority since that helps establish other needs- ie PCA, van, home, medical, etc.

            Besides the "stuff" you need to become more independent, have you also a list of objectives to help you accomplish reaching those things on the list?


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              well I am trying to become a medical interpreter there is a 16 week course that will begin in february and that should get me certified in the mean time I am taking a Spanish class and volunteering at Phoenix Children's Hospital, but thats mostly so I can get the ball rolling, my long term goals are to own my own restaurant, nightclub, bar(I was going to go to the culinary institute of america before my accident)my stories a little complicated as I'm sure your guys' is too