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Wheelchair backs, what's your favorite?

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  • Wheelchair backs, what's your favorite?

    I am bumbling through the planning of building a nice wheelchair setup better than the TiLite TRA I got fitted for when in rehab. I am thinking of going with a TiLite TR or TRC (I know, pretty close to the TRA, but I am looking to set up the lightest possible chair), and need some suggestions for a back to get. Right now I have a J2 back, I guess it works ok, but that thing is made of steel sheet, and rather heavy for what it is. As it never gets removed from my chair, I have to hoist it into my car along with the frame of my chair, and well, the lbs. add up. So, I look to my fellow esteemed gimps to give me some suggestions on what to get. I am T6, and I think I need some sort of rigid back due to occasional back spasms, I dont thing a simple sling would work out too well. What do you guys like? Any ideas for lightweight stuff?

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    I'm using a Invacare Infinity Low Back & I really like it, it does weigh 7 lbs though. On the plus side it just clips in so you can remove it easy when your lifting the chair although I seldom do so. I'm T11/12 Spina Bifida


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      I too have a TRA. I ordered it with a J2 back like what you have. It (the J2) was heavy and had to be removed every time I transferred into my car. Also, the "clips" that secured the J2 didn't allow the back to fold down completely, causing the folded chair to be bulkier than normal, which made getting the chair in and out of the car a bitch.

      TiSport makes a super lite weight nylon covered back that is secured with wide velcro straps. The beauty of this back is that it is infinitely adjustable. You can eventually get it perfect for your personal preference. It never comes off my chair. It also holds up much better than the cheesy fabric used on the J2.


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        I've got a jay extreme.
        Don't necessarily *like* it, it's just what I've got. (too new to this shit to have tried all kinds.)
        It's pretty light- Maybe go to the chair store (or something) and check out backs? I dunno...


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          Andy, I don't know what size chair you're looking at, but i have a 16" Jay Active back that I used for less than 1 month. It's a nice back, pretty light I think, it's just I'm real skinny and my back bones stick out, so it was a bad combo, I went back to the sling. Also my chair isn't fit right so my posture wasn't right. Anyway, if you're interested, I hate to see it being wasted, so let me know.

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            Andy, Im c5/6 and use a Jay active. This can be bolted or not, for easy detatchment. I keep it bolted for me. Keeps back straight/supported. Ive used this for over 7 years or so. May look at dif styles when getting new chair, sometime in near future, but haven't seen too many other styles providing same. Thought jay2 was similar but haven't tried it. You should check out the Jay website, if you haven't already.

            btw, is the TiLite TR or TRC much lighter than the TRA?? Im still using a rather heavy Action Pro-T, with total weight of chair, back (Jay active), seat (Jay Xtreme), Primo tires and anti tippers = 41.5 lbs [img]/forum/images/smilies/eek.gif[/img] [img]/forum/images/smilies/frown.gif[/img]


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              Joey, thanks for the offer, but I use an 18 inch back.

              Chick, I tried the Jay Active at RIC on Friday, they put it on my chair, and it seemed a bit low to me due to the curve at the top of it. I dont think it will work too well when I get a back spasm as I get the feeling that I will be really going over the back when that happens. The Jay 2 is higher and without the curve. I got a great idea of using the TiLite tension adjustable sling at roughly the same height as my J2, tried one of those out and I think it might work great. The chair will be 5 lbs lighter and the back will fold totally flat with no protrusions when hauling it into the car. I'll probably do that when I order another chair, probably in Jan/Feb when I recover from the wild christmas spending. The TR is supposedly a couple of lbs lighter than the TRA, plus I will be getting a shorter one, so that should shave a lb or two off additionally to what I have now. If you want to check out some of the TiLite stuff first hand and use a 16x16 chair, RIC's seating and positioning has a TR and an ZRA over there in those sizes, those are really light in that size.