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money saving sites i have used

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    money saving sites i have used


    i find the best information is in ....Forums.... hotdeals forum... myself. but the whole site is worth exloring....
    this is one site I have used for over a year to save a lot a money, since I hate going to store myself , I buy most of my stuff via internet web and have it delivered. quite a few offer free shipping on quite large items this time of year.
    a lot have to deal with rebates and you can get quite a few items free after rebates, just make sure to follow the rebate instructions, I have received all my rebates , except for 1 that I messed up and submitted late.
    its great for saving money on xmas gifts , since with Amazon they will show deals where you get a extra item for free.
    also good to reads the comments/ reviews and posts since sometimes the items on sale can be crap, and others that have them will post as such..
    usually I have found learned from watching the site, it if I want to buy something form a computer to a hard drive , to a bicycle wheel building stand, wait until I see it pop up on fat wallet and than buy it , I save a lot of money, I recently bough a couple UPS power supplies delivered for $5 after rebates. no packages to carry !
    I though I would share the info, I found its a great resource and have saved lots of money and got lots of cool free stuff after rebates! Amazon FAR(free after rebate) sales are great, just need to check the site daily as they sell out quickly..i started looking at it last year and its payed off big.
    cauda equina