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DR Huang says I'm a "fit " for the trial

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    DR Huang says I'm a "fit " for the trial

    Dr. Huang has accepted me based on my mri's , but requested present and last years
    ASIA scores.I am awaiting his reply and scheduling .I am t2-5 incomplete and use a chair.My problem is that I really have no one to accompany me.Wise, indicated that there are direct flights from JFK to Bejing.Anybody else have this problem ??


    Congrats, Mike. Maybe you can hook up with someone else from here who will be going over there soon. I think there are a few planning to go.
    Good luck to you.

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      It'd be good for us to find out the extent of responsibility of companions. Being a para means you won't need the same kind of companion that a quad needs. Hooking up with others going is probably a good idea based on that. I know that in hospitals there the majority of care is provided by family members. In the case of a para they generally do their own. Errands, etc could easily be handled by other CC people there at the same time.

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        Mike, you will need help here. I am 6 days post surgery and still in severe pain. (back and shoulder muscles killing to the point of crying on every transfer. HOWEVER, my case is apparently "unique" as my pain is extreme.)

        The bathroom is also tiny and I need help to turn around, shower. It's not terrible but I would not recommend coming alone. You may be better off to hire someone locally to help you out for the month or so you will be here.
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          Thanks Jeff and Mike !!! I know this is too much for me to handle alone.Also, I know that I am flying 1 st class, economy seating would be too painful for that long of trip.Hiring someone with nursing and language skills seems the way to go.I'm very independent and require lttle, so sharing someone is very feasible.



            Congrats Mike, I'm still planning for april, have a great helper going along, i'll bounce it off her, drop me a note if time line is close.

            MK99, I'm still fishing for ideas of stuff to bring that way that others could use.


            btw, real happy for you

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              Mike K,

              Language skills aren't completely necessary, as the doctors and some nurses speak English. If you say you are very independent, maybe a friend could go along with you to help out. Might save some money that way.

              Also, there wouldn't be a guarantee of it, but if you bought tickets for Coach during the week, there's a good chance of getting upgraded for free to Business Class. I flew there and back on Sundays so the planes were full. No upgrades for me, but I survived Coach alright with bulk head seating.

              Just some money saving strategies...