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    Wheelchair Tires

    not sure if this is where to post this...

    With winter approaching, I need to get tires with tread on them. Basically for everyday use on concrete with snow mixed in.

    Can ya'll suggest some specific brands?
    I have a TiLight TR.


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    my mud & snows are "Cheng Shin Tire" or some such. 50-507, 24" X 1.95" on high flange hubbed rims on my tilite. i know when i ordered the the "offroad" style tires, it required the high flange hub. at least i think that's what it's called. but i have to imagine that just about any brand of tire can be used as long the right rim is fitted.


      Last year my husband needed new tires on his power chair. So we went through the docs and insurance companies and were told they were put on order. Nearly a year later (after numerous calls and the local stores telling us they had checked state wide for the tires) the tires finally split (they were the flat free tires).

      So I took it upon myself to find some tires. The best prices (and best service) that I found has to be from If you have any questions about any of their products they are excellent to email back quickly. We got an awesome price (much cheaper than we would have ever expected) and they arrived quickly and were put on by a couple family members. Working fine still and two months later.

      We thought we would wait to see how long it takes the local stores (I think 3 still have the tires "on order") to get the tires in. And then keep one pair for spares the next time this happens. Guess we shouldn't be surprised that they still aren't in. [img]/forum/images/smilies/smile.gif[/img]

      Anyhow, check with


        Hi. I use xcore wheels. I special order Continental brand Cross Country style tires. They are mountain bike tires that are slightly narrower than normal (26 x 1.5"). Makes it so I can keep using the narrower axle width on my chair. I have had great luck with them on road, off road and in the snow. I live in Alaska and recently spent 3 years in Denver, so I have some snow experience...