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  • Comedy Funding Drive

    Good Day! Anybody interested in volunteering time, effort, and loose change to raising moola so certain forum member regulars, who will remain anonymous at this time to protect their innocence, can fullfill their destinies please respond here with what you would like to donate. I'll be hosting regular Comic relief sessions in the laggy, ganja-smoke filled chatroom with proceeds also going to this fund.

    if private donations would be preferred. please contact me at or furher contact can be made directly to me at

    To lose hope is ceasing to live, without it we simply exist. Therefore challenge yourself regularly and go beyond stagnation.

    I'll donate 50% of the funds from my cripple-cam to your cause.
    'Coure I haven't gotten a damn thing so far, so.....


      In honor of the thoughtful and generous host of this Comedy Fund Drive, there will be a special "Appreciation" Fund set aside from portions of the charitable donations recieved, with funds going to help support the Paraslut World Tour.

      There will be a ParaslutWorld Tour Kickoff Bash to celebrate the participants who are making history as the first ever sluts in chairs to cross land and sea to get their mack on.

      Games and Prizes and lots of FUN!

      Bring anything you can to help support these sluts. K-Y jelly, Latex free Gloves and viagra/caverject will be especially appreciated.

      For more info,