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    Originally posted by Mize View Post
    I often dream in this weird combination of paralyzed but somehow mobile and I often notice some recovery in my legs only to wake up disappointed.
    This is me almost every time I can remember a dream. I'm always in the chair, but with a lot of effort I can hobble around a little bit. Oh, and if the dream goes that way I always have sexual function, of course. And I completely understand the waking up disappointed...

    I'm almost never AB in my dreams, but that makes sense to me. My mindset I had to accept that this condition was, to quote Outkast, "eternal life and forever". Otherwise I couldn't handle a complete injury psychologically and still be able to move forward. If there ends up being a heaven, I'm pretty sure I'm gonna be sitting my ass on a blinged out TiLite while we're all floating up there in the clouds.