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    That attitude got me so pissed I waited until he came out and I told him "I just got off the phone with the police and gave them your plate # and they told me it would be a really good idea to wait for them to get here." - Brad_D
    lmao, I would do the same thing if I didn't have such comtempt for the police.


      I'm 35-6 years post and finally got p.o.'d enough a couple days ago to do something. The grocery store has the HC spots closest to the store like all do and a van one on end and regular next to it. Some lazy ass parked next to me in van spot making me back up and make room to open door. I honked pointed to sign and placard but he ignored me. First place I went in store was to phone store manager. I watched him running out the door when the store P.A. system came on and told the "Driver of the Brown Toyota with license #///// will be towed away unless moved immediately". Made me laugh and feel good.WR