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    New Permobil Stander

    My insurance approved my new power chair, a Permobil C2K Stander which can be driven in the standing position. I have only had it for about two weeks and have only used it for a couple of hours because of a pressure sore I am fighting, but it is very cool to have a chair that can move in the standing position. The new stander has been streamlined quite a bit and is a big improvement over their older models. Biggest drawback I can see is that the seat to floor height is 3 in. higher because of the added equipment which makes the chair stand. I believe the health benefits of being able to stand on a regular basis should outweigh the few drawbacks. Along with the standing feature, the chair will also tilt/recline to a full 180 degrees where is is just like a bed almost. You can then tilt to stand from the lying position.

    Knock on wood, hopefully it will last and won't leave me stranded.

    Matt has the C2K reglar Permobil, and loves it! We've had minor problems with it; a tire deflated, and the plug for the battery charger got messed up (I think the aide was wiggling it too hard to pull it out). Other than that, it's been a dream! He already had an EasyStand, so didn't need the standing chair. Are you having difficulty getting the chair under tables and counters with the height difference?

    For what they cost, they better last!!!!

    BTW, we're working with our insurance co. now, to get coverage for the chair. Since we made the outlay for the chair, and for what it costs, it seemed like a good idea! I'll let you know what the $$$ is, when the agent gets back to me.

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      The invoice to the insurance company was $31,800. Absolutely ridiculous for what it cost to manufacture, but it will be well worth it if it keeps my bones healthy and prevents contractures. It's been great psychologically, but I get some really strange looks when rolling around in the standing position.

      Tables have not been a problem so far, but is harder to get in and out of my minivan at the door. I have to duck on the way in and out.


        I'm looking at getting a new chair soon, and have heard good things about the Permobil stander. If you don't mind, I have a few questions for you... What's the distance from the ground to the top of your knees? And how thick is the seat cushion you use? Also, do your feet stick out any further than they would in any other chair?
        I'm going to be buying a van soon and I'm having trouble fitting into a minivan because my current chair (Invacare Arrow 2GT) has the top of my knees at 27-28 inches off the ground. So anyway, I'm trying to get a feel for what my dimensions would be with the Permobil. Any info you can give me would be much appreciated!

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          Which insurance do you have? I have Blue Cross and they are a pain in the ass.


            I still have not used the new chair enough to draw many conclusions. I used it for about three hours a day, two days last week so not enough to say very much.

            The tilt to stand feature is very nice. I rolled around at the hospital in the upright position for about two hours last week. I have a nasty pressure soar on my rear end and the standing feature was the best way to keep the pressure off. The chair is very stable up right and is easy to drive up right. It is hard to get used to having six different switches all work through the joystick, but I expect that will get easier with time. The seat to floor height is right at 21 in.. And I have a custom cushion from Roho called a mid profile which is 3 in. thick. To the top of my legs, it is roughly 27 1/2 inches. The chair is tall for a Permobil, but not much taller than my old chair. The foot rest are adjustable and the chair seems to be about average in length.

            My insurance is CignaPPO. They usually question everthing and I have had mixed results on getting them to approve new stuff. For example, they would not pay for a standing frame or FES bike, but they did pay for biofeedback a while back. They did not question any aspect of the chair and it was approved in two weeks. My old chair, Invacare Action Storm, was 4 years old.


              I saw the pictures of Andy's standing frame and thought I would post some of the Permobil Stander. I still haven't used it very much, but it is a fun chair around the house. This is the way to go if you use a power chair and need to stand on a regular basis but it is a tall chair. It does move kind of slow in the standing position.