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New Wheelchair - I need a good, lightweight one - want some input from users please

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    Light chairs

    Hi Bob,

    Go to Sports-N-Spokes and look for their annual survey of the lightweights. For ultralight and strong Shadow by Quickie with Chrom-moly is very durable and lightweight. With a set of frog legs and crisscross spokes you get comfort too. There are other ways to save weight. It depends on what cushion you need. I have TilLite ZRA with Spox, and the Shadow is lighter, but I like TiLite for daily use mostly due to wheels I have on it. Also take a look at Eagle Sportschairs. You can get a custom chair for the same as off the shelf price. Also very light. For pure lightweight check there. Cushions can help drop weight too. There are some other real nice lightweights, but I've had these brands with good luck and started with Quadra 25 years ago so what do I know? Also for used chairs is an option. Best to you. is a place for parts.
    Peace <><