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    Rick Hansen School Report

    Hey everyone, this is a school report I'm doing in school. I thought I would post it up here for anyone who would like to read it. Any suggestions or helpful hints or any other info. would be great![img]/forum/images/smilies/smile.gif[/img] Thank you!

    Rick Hansen--Man in Motion

    Rick Hansen's amazing story began at the age of fifteen when Rick and a friend were returning from an afternoon's fishing trip. Instead of riding in the cab of the truck that had picked them up, they sat in the back of the pick-up truck, where no seat belts would be worn. The truck went out of control while turning a corner and crashed. That same day at the hospital, the doctor's informed fifteen-year old Rick Hansen that he would never walk again. This would definitely be the beginning to the worse summer ever for Rick.

    Rick soon found out after that he was paralyzed from the waist down and he would never walk again, but that did not stop him from living his life just like it was before the accident. Rick continues to tell kids-"don't give up, redouble your efforts, work hard, and accept the help of others."
    After Rick's back began to recover from the horrific accident, he began Rehabilitation, and three months earlier than he was supposed to, he came out of rehab with the strength in his arms built and with the wheelchair mastered; just in time to graduate with his friends. Going in and out of rehab, he was eventually able to stand using parallel bars. The first time he said, "To me it was the victory stand at the Olympics, and I'd just won the gold."
    When Rick graduated from high school, he went on to be the first wheelchair athlete in the world with a disability to earn a Physical Education Degree. He completed marathons all around the globe and even competed for Canada at the Olympics in LA. Hansen shared Canada's Outstanding(not literally)Male Athlete of the Year award with Wayne Gretzky.
    All of these accomplishments are astonishing, but none can compare to the amount of money he has raised for research in finding a cure to paralysis. He started the Man in Motion World Tour in 1985, a tour in which Rick would wheel around the world to inspire others to reach for their dreams. This tour around the world took approximately two years, two months and two days to complete. Rick wheeled around the circumference of the world, which is 40,000 kilometers. He went through 94 pairs of worn out gloves, 126 flat tires, and 30,000 times pushing the wheels of his chair.
    Hansen's original goal was to raise $10 million. He raised $24 million through funds, programs, and organizations. So far, Rick has made more than $100 million for spinal cord injury education, research, rehabilitation, and wheelchair sports.

    Today, Rick is currently president and CEO of the Rick Hansen Institute. He will be launching a fundraising campaign June 14th, 2003. Hansen will continue to search and fundraise for a cure to paralysis.

    Holla Lataz!
    Holla Lataz!

    Well done young lady!

    I like your report very much. I think you are sending a message to other young people that there is hope for them to succeed despite a spinal cord injury. Thank you for sharing your work with us. I would not change a thing.

    Good Luck!!!