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T12 needs fellow SCIs to complete survey

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  • T12 needs fellow SCIs to complete survey

    As a result of spinal cord injury, an individual retraining for a new profession in rehabilitation psychology is required to conduct a socially significant survey. This survey may be used to improve psychological treatment for individuals with spinal cord disabilities. Therefore I would like individuals with spinal cord disabilities to complete an anonymous survey.

    There are three reasons that every individual with spinal cord injury needs to complete this survey. The three reasons are, social awareness social acceptance, and total anonymity.

    <LI>The first reason social awareness is a result of the fact society is not aware of the damage social labeling causes; therefore a survey should be conducted to make society aware of the problems we face.
    <LI>The second reason you should complete this survey is to help change a negative social label into social acceptance. For instance, eliminating social labels can create the possibility, that the disabled will no longer be considered disabled members of society; we will simply be considered members of society.
    <LI> The third reason is that the survey will be totally anonymous, and there will be no way for the researcher to contact or personally know the individuals who participate.[/list]

    If you are interested in completing the survey, please follow this link: Survey[/URL] to the survey.