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My First Power Chair!

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    My First Power Chair!

    Tis my lucky day!!!

    After 24 years of pushing a manual chair, I got my very first power chair today! I'm so excited, and my shoulders are so happy. An acquaintance offered me her now deceased father's power chair a couple of years ago. At the time, I didn't think I'd ever have a use for it. Lately, my shoulders have been hurting and so I went to where I knew she worked and asked if she still had the chair. She did, and said she would be happy to give it to me. It's a Jazzy Pride. I haven't used it yet because it needs to be charged. I plan on using my manual chair most of the time, but using the power chair when I know I will have to deal with hills and long distances. Tomorrow, I will go to the neighborhood park. It's only 3 blocks away, but it involves a hill. I won't have to drive, and I'm so excited!

    I know almost nothing about power chairs. Could someone please tell me, are Jazzy Prides generally good chairs? What's the maintenance for these chairs? How long do they usually last?

    The chair did not come with an owner's manual, but I can probably contact the company and have them send me a manual. In the meantime, I'd really appreciate your thoughts. Thanks!

    hip hip hooray!!!!