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Pregnancy and Intrathecal Baclofen/morphine/Fentanyl & other oral/IM meds

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  • Pregnancy and Intrathecal Baclofen/morphine/Fentanyl & other oral/IM meds

    I am wondering if anyone knows anything about the risks of pregnancy with an intrathecal baclofen/Morphine pump? I have both meds in mine along with a sm. amnt of Fentanyl. (just added the MSO4 and weaning off the Fentanyl) I am also on Valuim 10mg prn for severe spasms, MSO4 60 mg orally for breakthrough pain, Dilantin 100mg daily, Toradol 30mg IM 3x/wk for severe pain breakthrough (used w/mso4). Has anyone on this forum gotten pregnant w/the pump (or on any of these meds) or know anyone personally who has? Can you tell me about it? What are the risks? Does it make the pump or catheter move? What all do I need to know (good, bad & ugly) My husband 0f 13 months and I are itching to have some semelence of "normal" life and want to get started on our family. I need all the info, help, support, & words of encouragement I can get. I often feel the docs just don't give you ALL the info you need. I'd rather hear from someone who has actually been where I am and not just seen or studied about it and haphazerdly tried to treat it! Please help. Thanks for your support! Any and all info is much appreciated

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    This is a duplicate post of one on the Care forum. Will lock this one and refer anyone who has any comments to that forum. Thanks.

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