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Quads and Cell Phones

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    Quads and Cell Phones

    I'm trying to figure out the best set-up for using a cell phone with limited finger dexterity.

    Any products, websites, ideas, methods that others are using?

    I've got a Nokia 3360 phone (pretty small, slippery little devil) with a hands free headset (which is tough to insert the cord in both the phone and my ear). Is there any kind of strap or holder to make it easier to hold? Do most use the hands free headset? Where do you carry yours?

    One of those things I envy paras for....oh, to have my fingers and hands functioning normally...what I wouldn't give.

    Thanks for the help.

    Onward and Upward!

    I bought the belt clip attachment (but only use the part that fits in the phone's battery compartment) and tied a piece of rawhide shoelace around it to make a nice loop. You can also use one of those suction cup things for hanging stuff on windows. (Attach it with super glue, though.) Put the loop through the metal ring. The loop makes it easy to grab with a finger. Loop it around your hand when you talk, and it catches the phone if it should slip.

    I just bought a new Nokia phone (forgot the model) that has tiny, slippery keys BUT it has voice dialing. Push one key, and you're set.

    As for carrying it ... I have a small bag slung over the back of my power chair with a handy outside pocket. But since you use a manual, I dunno. In the winter, when I wear mostly fleece pullovers, the phone goes in my chest pocket.


      As for the headset ...

      I use the kind that slips over your head. Not the smaller one. I don't use it often, though.


        Hmmm,I have a small Telus phone which I can use normally 'cause my dexterity is half decent but I've seen higher quad friends of mine use regular phones they just have the larger kind. One friend uses one of those clear protector things to give his phone more bulk.

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          i have an old school nokia 5000 series phone (it's like 2yrs old)... what i've found most helpful, to make it less "slippery" is to get one of those leather covers... works fine & is pretty easy, plus it adds a little more bulk to grab onto w/o being huge...

          i have a friend w/ a tiny samsung flip phone (similar to a motorola startac but a bit narrower)... that thing is easy to use, but to get it open w/o hand dexterity is a trick -- if i had a flip phone i'd miss calls just trying to open the dumb thing.

          but yeah, the dang things keep getting smaller... can't wait for the day that we all have cell phones the size of derek zoolander's [img]/forum/images/smilies/wink.gif[/img]

          (i'm c6/7, btw)


            My cell phone is a couple years old also so its probably a little wider than yours, but I've never run across a problem holding or picking up any smaller than mine. Anytime I'm picking something up that may be slippery or heavy I always run my index finger and thumb between my tongue to sticky them up...may sound gross but it makes a huge difference... seriously! I probably do this at least 100 times a day! [img]/forum/images/smilies/tongue.gif[/img]

            I gotta say on the topic of cell phones...I'm so sick of lame people trying to make fashion statements with their cell phones with their different faceplates and annoying little ring tones! [img]/forum/images/smilies/rolleyes.gif[/img]


              I taped a universal cuff to the back of mine. It's easy to pick up by the loop and slides over my bent fingers to hold when I talk. To make a call, I press the keys with the same sticks I use to type, slip my fingers through the loop, and raise the phone in time to hear it ring. If I have trouble sliding the cuff on, I miss the little recording that tells you the number of minutes remaining.

              I haven't tried this, but you could loop something through the cuff and hang the phone around your neck. This could prevent a "dropped call." [img]/forum/images/smilies/smile.gif[/img]


                Thanks guys, great ideas.

                Onward and Upward!


                  In case u need more ideas...

                  I have a Nokia 3390, I use a case with a strap (they come together) just slide my wrist into the strap and lay the phone on my hand to dial and talk. Also it has a belt clip I use with the seat belt (u in manual I dunno) and I put the headset between my fingers to plug it in the phone and the same to stick it in my ear. If u buy a case, make sure u get the leather one cause the glove one moves and u can't reach the numbers to dial as it gets covered with the case.
                  Mine also has the voice tags but, I think they r a waist of time, I use the speed dial memories instead and, NEVER LOCK IT! it takes a life and a half to unlock it when u need to.
                  Good luck.

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