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Feeling Like a Burden Ups Suicide Risk for Some

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    Feeling Like a Burden Ups Suicide Risk for Some

    Feeling Like a Burden Ups Suicide Risk for Some
    Fri Sep 20, 1:35 PM ET
    By Charnicia E. Huggins

    NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Although people may contemplate suicide for a variety of reasons, those who consider themselves a burden to others are more likely to complete their suicide attempt and to use more lethal means in the process, researchers report.

    "If you feel like you are a burden on your loved ones, your risk for suicide seems increased, and this risk exceeds even that associated with well-known risk factors like hopelessness," study author Dr. Thomas E. Joiner, Jr. of Florida State University in Tallahassee, told Reuters Health.

    Joiner and his colleagues rated 40 suicide notes left by people in the southwestern US on the extent of feelings of burdensomeness, hopelessness, general emotional pain and other factors. Half of the notes were left by suicide completers, who were more often male, and half were left by people who did not complete their suicide attempt, most of whom were female.

    The investigators found that suicide completers thought of themselves as more of a burden to others than did the attempters, they report. Thus, the notes left by suicide completers more highly endorsed the idea that their loved ones would be better off after they are gone, the report indicates.

    None of the other factors greatly differed between the suicide attempters and completers, the authors note.

    The findings will be published in an upcoming issue of the Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology.

    Joiner's team conducted a second analysis of notes left by 40 German men and women who committed suicide. They found that those who considered themselves a great burden to their loved ones were also more likely to choose more lethal means of suicide.

    For example, these individuals were more likely to die by gunshot or hanging, rather than poisoning or cuts. This was true regardless of gender, even though men are generally known to be more violent in their suicidality, the researchers note.

    "Taken together, the pattern of findings provided some support for the view that perceived liability to one's loved ones is a feature of completed suicide," the authors write.

    In light of the findings, "psychotherapists should focus on perceived burdensomeness," Joiner said. "Almost always people perceive that they are a burden when they really aren't, and if the therapist points this out--i.e., through cognitive therapy--it should help."

    SOURCE: Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology; in press.

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    "It has been said that for the truth to exist, it takes two people - one to speak it...and another to hear it. Mankind will be forever doomed to destruction if we continue to ask for the truth...but then refuse to listen.." Outer Limits( To Tell The Truth )

    So how does one stop BEING a burden to others?
    "The only true currency in this bankrupt what you share with someone else when you're uncool." - Almost Famous


      This is a good post / topic..
      Chemical Imbalances in the Brain and mental illness is the underlying root of all of the ailments mentioned in first post . Say It is called ( Clinical Depression ) For instance
      What are the Warning Sighns ? Where do we begin ?
      Being -Depending on the individual These issues emerge differently .and are managed differently .
      Being a burden to who ? and at what level ? I am disabled and it is fairly normal for many of us to feel like a burden at some point of time ... I just try to learn from the problems or issues causing my feelings...

      The Human Brain is So Complex and chemical imbalances lead many people to clinical Depression and suicidal thoughts ...
      Because of pressure and stress or giving up because of feeling sorry for themselves .
      Loss of abilities etc... old age , sickness etc... These are just Examples ...
      I've noticed more Males who attempt suicide succeed more % wise than Females who attempt it .
      My opinion of why Females live throuout these ordeals or episodes is because their babies / children and responsibilities of motherhood ...
      Many Disabled folk often deal with feeling burden Via Clinical Depression and live on lot's of psycho medicine to balance themselves out ..
      The Brain is uncharted Waters yet Depths of our minds are phathoms / miles deep and unexplored .
      Some can be strong and pull themselves together
      Others Give up I've witnessed this in a nursing home I lived in

      Scientifically IMOP before a legitimate answer to all of this is laid to rest We have many years ahead of us Medically to come to a conclusion of the Human Brain .


        Dear People reading this post
        I think very highly of you all no matter who you are ... Also I feel that none of you are Burdens ok ?
        I feel because some of our Ailments Often people like paras / quads like myself dont like to bother others
        You all arent burdens but rather Beautiful and special in my life
        We as humans often show more compassion and respect to others here because all of us float in the same boat at one point or another in life
        The only limits Are those We limit ourselves to .
        Hugs to yall
        Sincerely ;


          Every high quad and most low ones probably feel like a burden to someone. It's reality.


            Gypsey, I beg to differ. I bet most quads are on no mind altering drugs.