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    Handicapped parking idea

    I live near Pasadena, California and I'm a C-6 quad who uses a van. I am sick and tired of never finding parking, and worse yet, watching seemingly healthy people using spaces at malls, amusement parks, etc. and walking long distances.Furthermore, I see younger people who are clearly using fraudulent placards or relatives placards so I have come up with this idea. Take 50% of blue spots if there are 4 or fewer or 33% if there are more than 4 and paint them purple for "device assisted only." That means to have a purple placard a person must use a cane, walker, wheelchair, etc. If we see someone without a device using a purple space, they are busted. Make the penalty severe to help pay for the transition. With baby boomers getting older I am constantly fighting for spaces with older Americans who seem to have no disability, but rather use there age to get placards. Am I off base? Please tell me your thoughts before I approach my state representative. Thank you.


    I have had the same problems with parking as many of us do. I have gone to my state representative and written letters to my congressman and the disability rights section of the U.S. Justice Dept who I was told handles all changes to the ADA laws. I have heard back from a few of them but not gotten anywhere yet. Someone gave me this idea and this is what I was hoping for.

    Take the "van accessible" spaces and change them to "wheelchair users only" spaces. Instead of them being the first spots, make them the farthest handicap spaces. Wheelchair users don't necessarily need to be the very first spots, they just need to have wide enough spaces. That way whether the person drives a car or van, they have enough room for loading and unloading. Make all the "wheelchair only" spaces a different color with a different color placard, plate, etc. Leave the closest spots for people with "walking" disabilities. They need to be closest to the store anyway. Then you won't have the elderly taking up the wide spaces that wheelchair users need. Right now the law for van accessible spaces says there needs to be 1 in 8. That would at least give us equal access to parking. Just my thoughts.



      This seems to be an ongoing problem everywhere Tigger.To ask for more spaces wouldn't really solve the problem,those same people would most likely take them also.I think to approach your local T.V station,do a story on it may produce some results.For myself,I have learned to try and go to the mall early,i'll try not to park even in a handicapped spot.By parking at the end i have found this works ,and the guilt left on those people i think has more effect than anything else...


        Great ideas!

        I like BOTH those ideas! Parking is such an issue. My daughter doesn't drive yet, but she transfers into our car. Sometimes I have to park in the "Van Only" spots, because we also need the room to get her in and out of the car. But it's true; we don't really need close proximity..we need SPACE! I love the different color coding idea, and I do think it would be easier to "bust" the people who are borrowing someone's parking placard. Just thinking about all my encounters with jerks in parking lots is making me burn! I better just stop now....
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          Parking Problems

          I have contacted my state rep. who will work with me to introduce a bill to amend the present law for handicap parking. My plan is to have spaces with ample room for chair users to load and unload. If you located two such spaces side by side, both could use the one additional space if one was a van unloading from the ridht side and the other a driver using a chair unloading from the dleft. These spaces would be color coded differently from the current handicap spaces, so would the user's placard. Should be easy to enforce, if the police desire to.
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            I think you were the one who gave me the idea. I love it. Have you gotten interest from your state representative? Mine is supposedly working on the issue and told me to also contact my congressman. My congressman sent me a letter telling me to contact the US dept of Justice, Disability Rights Section and the US Access Board. I have contacted both with no help. I would love to know where you are in the process. Again, thanks for the great idea!


              Re: handicapped spaces

              tigger, I know how you feel. Time after time we see perfectly healthy individuals take a handicapped spot then bounce out of their cars. It is infuriating!! I think the local police dept should have a "meter maid" type official whose sole duty is to check different parking lots and give out tickets to people who use someone elses placard to park illegally. A laptop linked to the DMV could identify the driver by age and driver's license #, Then it would be easy to give these imposters tickets. How I would love that job!I don't know what the answer is but I never paid attention to this sort of thing be4 SCI. Fran [img]/forum/images/smilies/mad.gif[/img]


                Difficult to enforce

                I think that you all have some really good ideas, but please take a moment to reflect on them from the perspective of enforcement by local law enforcement. The only way that a law enforcement officer could enforce a "device assisted only" law would be to actually see the person getting into or out of the vehicle. Most police departments do not have the resources to allow officers to stake out the handicapped parking section of the mall looking for violators.

                To make such laws truly effective, they need to be reasonably enforceable from the perspective of the police. An example would be "van only" spaces. Easy enough to enforce, if it's not a van give it a ticket.

                The most difficult one to enforce is the problem of able bodied people using a relative's disabled permit. The permit is perfectly legal, but unless an officer happens to be there at the right moment to see that the owner of the permit is not getting in or out of the vehicle, too bad. My best suggestion for dealing with this issue would be for local governments to "get serious" about this sort of violation. Make it a first degree misdemeanor criminal offense punishable by up to a year in jail and $1,000 fine to improperly use a disabled parking permit. Make possession of a stolen permit a third degree felony. First person who gets arrested and sent to jail for violation makes the front page of the papers. Make people think twice about the consequences of their actions. - Joe



                  Good ideas about the van only parking spaces but how do you stop people that have vans just because and they think it means them? "Van only" does not say that it has to be a handicap van. That leaves it open for anyone to park. And then you exclude those people who drive a car and transfer to their chair. Those people also need the additional space for their transfers.

                  I do like the idea about raising the fines and possible jail time. That would really get people's attention and make them think twice. My only thought about that is that doesn't stop the thousands of people who have parking placards legally but they really don't need them. You know those people who go to their doctor and whine and complain that it is hard for them to walk and get a placard so that they can walk the mall all day. Those are the people who really infuriate me. I wish there was a way to go after the doctors who sign those forms with no good medical reasons.