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    Environmental Control Unit

    I'm a hi-quad, been using voice-activated Series-5 unit from Quartet Tech. for about 12 years and am hoping to upgrade. Anybody use an ECU? What kind? I'm wondering if there's any advantage to a sip-&-puff? I can think of one: no noise interference. If my smoke alarm ever goes off, fuggeddaboutit.
    Looking for folks who actually use an ECU, I've checked out tons of web sites on 'em.
    Thanks much.

    Q-Controls is a picture based ECU and is completely portable. If you would like, I could put you in touch with a veteran from Philadelphia who has currently upgraded from the Simplicity Series to the Q-Controls. I am sure he would be happy to tell you what he thinks of the system compared to the complexities he found with the Quartet. I must say that I am NOT BASHING the Quartet by any means, its just that technology has evloved and there are more options available now with newer ECU's. Voice activated versus switch activated? You make the choice. They both have their drawbacks. But I think in an emergency situation your voice changes and your (voice activated) ECU will not recognize. With switch activation you send a command and KNOW that the command was carried out successfully. You also receive feedback on your LCD display verifying the command was carried out. If you would like more information on a local trained provider of this type of technology I would be happy to advise. Send your request to bginocchetti@pridemobility. Take care!