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    ideas for wedding entrance

    My husband and I were married five weeks after his injury. We had planned the wedding for almost two years previous. Needless to say, our wedding was scaled way back and we only had a quick service with no reception and then we went back to the rehab. We had promised all of our guests that one day we would be remarried and have our wedding the way we had orginally planned. We are in the process of planning that wedding for June 12, 2004 (our five year anniversary). Our remarriage is going to be exactly like an actual wedding. Jeff and I are trying to think of new ideas for the wedding and reception now that he is in a wheelchair. Some of our original plans do not work so well now. Since most of the plans are already made from the previous wedding, we are having fun trying to think up fun and different things to do. We have been discussing ways to enter the reception after we have been announced. We want it to be fun and maybe even funny. We thought up a few ideas but they all seem too obvious. For some background, Jeff is a C7 who has both a manual and power chair, so we could use either one for our entrance. We would really appreciate any good ideas from any of you. Or any other fun ideas you may have seem at a wedding with one person who is in a chair. Thanks.

    Are you having your 2nd childhood?

    The first thing I thought of was a red wagon! No, I am not kidding! LOL!

    I also can picture your husband going in first, and you running down the aisle hollering WAIT FOR ME, WAIT FOR ME!

    That's the funniest two things I can come up with!

    If you want to go serious, I think you should just go up the aisle together...side by side, hand in hand, if possible...

    Have fun planning!