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Mother said she killed girl, man testifies

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    Mother said she killed girl, man testifies

    Posted on Thu, Aug. 15, 2002
    Mother said she killed girl, man testifies
    Ex-boyfriend says Suttle told him that.
    By Pamela Perez
    of The News-Sentinel

    The mother of a girl with cerebral palsy told her former boyfriend she smothered her child before placing the body in a trash bin, according to court testimony.

    Malcom Robinson testified Wednesday in Allen Superior Court during the bench trial of 23-year-old Kaneitra S. Suttle the two cried after she admitted her act to him.

    "At the time, I broke (into) tears and she broke (into) tears," Robinson told prosecutors. "I'm trying to get over it still in my head."

    The body of Christina L. Suttle remains missing after her mother told police the girl died from her medical condition Dec. 11 and was put in the trash.

    Investigators spent nearly six weeks searching for Christina Suttle's body in January at the National Serv-All landfill, near Macbeth and Smith roads. The Allen County Coroner's Office presumes she's dead.

    Allen Superior Judge Fran C. Gull will decide today whether to convict Kaneitra Suttle in connection with the death and disappearance of her daughter. The bench trial requested by Suttle waives her right to a jury.

    Suttle faces a single charge for the violent or suspicious death of a person and moving a body from a scene. If convicted, she could be sentenced to serve six months to three years in prison and pay up to $10,000 in fines.

    Prosecutors Patricia Pikel and Christine Paschen have so far revealed opposite images of the single mother. The eight-month investigation is led by Fort Wayne Police Detective Nolan Banks, who is a distant cousin to Suttle.

    Witnesses testified Suttle openly complained about tending to her special-needs daughter, who required a wheelchair. In other instances, she appeared caring.

    Christina Suttle's pediatrician, Dr. Houda Taki, said Kaneitra Suttle struggled as her daughter's care provider. Suttle cared for Christina and another son, now in foster care. A third child lives with his father in New Orleans.

    "She was always, it seems, a very caring mom," said Taki. But "she was telling (me) how difficult it is to have transportation" with a special-needs child.

    Fort Wayne Police Officer Andrew Irick testified Suttle viewed her daughter as a burden.

    During a visit to her home, Suttle told Irick, "I'm tired of taking care of her. I want my peace," Irick testified.

    The young girl, who was fed through a stomach tube, would have been completely dependent on her primary parent, said Allen County Coroner Dr. E. Jon Brandenberger.

    In addition to cerebral palsy, Christina Suttle also had epilepsy, which caused her to have seizures. Medical experts testified she had minimal control of her limbs, with the most strength in her arms.

    Taki testified Christina Suttle might have lifted a pillow to her head, but would not have been able to smother herself. Taki also confirmed Christina was 6 at the time of her death, after early reports gave conflicting ages.

    Kaneitra Suttle's two brothers, Christopher and Shawn, said they alerted authorities in December about concerns for their missing niece.

    Family members continue to believe Suttle only reacted to witnessing her child die in bed of natural causes and have objected to the court proceedings.

    Suttle's brother Christopher chose to serve a six-month prison sentence rather than cooperate with prosecutors while on the witness stand Wednesday.

    "Kaneitra was just young and she didn't know what to do," said brother Shawn Suttle.

    Outside the courtroom, Shawn Suttle criticized attorney John Bohdan's performance as Suttle's public defender. Bohdan has made little effort, said Shawn Suttle, to keep the family informed, and he fears the entire Suttle family could be blamed for the death if his sister is convicted.

    "They're making it seem as if we're all suspected in the matter," Shawn Suttle said. "It's scandalized the family name."

    That poor child!


      WTF? She said she died from her medical condition and then she admitted she threw her in the trash like that shit is normal? Did she call Waste Management ahead of time to give them the heads up like when you throw away a couch? I hope she becomes a very good (bad) acquaintance of Karma sooner than later!

      Guns don't kill people. Daddys with cute daughters do!


        Wow, kill your daughter and get 6 months to 3 years. Ehh who cares she was just some cripple burden anyway.

        Don't they give people more time for killing dogs?

        "If ya don't have it in the hips, ya better have it in the lips..." ~ Charlie - Villa Dulce


          Oh, I am totally angry and livid with this one...

          That person attempting to be a mother might have been young, but she was also old enough to evidently have two other children. She was old enough to be responsible enough to bring children into this world...

          And then (if she is indeed guilty, which remains to be seen...the whole "innocent until proven guilty" idea...well...

          Then to snuff out the life of a fragile helpless precious child...oh my!

          And for her brother to be worried about the scandal surrounding the family name?????? Just after allegedly "showing concern for his neice's whereabouts"...

          My blood is boiling...this is not just a is a travesty!

          One of the worst things I have ever read in my entire 50 years of living!!!

          Heaven help her other two children!

          Yes, Coleen, BigK and Rrron...I have to agree...What on earth happened here??????