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Did anyone watch Hunter's promo on Raw?

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    Did anyone watch Hunter's promo on Raw?

    Just wondering if anyone else caught this and what your opinion of it was. I really didbn't like it.

    Since it seems many of you missed it, here's what i'm talking about

    He said he could have finished HBK off permanently, as some others would have done, but didn't, since his goal was to show HBK that he needs him and should have joined him as his manager. HBK said his doctors have said he'll be back to 100% by SummerSlam and issued a match challenge, which HHH accepted. HHH ran down HBK as being unable to wrestle anymore and vowed to cripple his ass when they get in the ring. He said that afterward, HBK will be unable to hold his two year old son or satisfy his wife sexually. HBK warned HHH not to ever even think about his wife and son. He said he knows he can no longer wrestle, but he can fight, and he will show his family at SummerSlam that he will fight like a man.



      Hi Nate, my husband had it on but I was barely listening. I found what I did hear kind of funny and a little offensive to but since it's WWF I couldn't take it too seriously. Remember Droz is now a quad, I can't imagine that they would seriously mock the condition of a former wrestler.


        Hey Yo

        I thought that Paul Levesque's speech and the references to Michael Higgenbotham being crippled in a wheelchair and unable to pick up his 2 year old son or satisfy his wife were in poor taste. But then again name anything the WWE and Vince McMahon have done in the last five years that wasn't in poor taste. We want more bra and panties matches! - Joe


          My bf is a huge wrestling fan and watches Smackdown and RAW each week religiously. [img]/forum/images/smilies/rolleyes.gif[/img]

          Anyways, I did see the promo where HHH said all those things to HBK. I found it somewhat pathetic in regards to the comments made by HHH...but I just remind myself that it is WWE and the whole show is pathetic. I call it a "male soap opera." I must admit that some of the stuff IS funny...especially GoldDust and MiniGold..LOL. [img]/forum/images/smilies/biggrin.gif[/img]


            I only started watching wrestling after my accident in the hospital. The main reason i sarted watching it was because i was really impressed by what *some* of these guys do in the ring. I had never really watched it before and didn't realize how talented some of these guys are. I think actually envy what they do.

            There are some guys that are pretty good actors as well. Guys like Angle, Jericho and Goldust. These guys add to the entertainment too.

            But when slow steroid feeaks with no personality like "Hunter" hog all the airtime and say stupid things it really makes it lousy to watch.

            While i agree that World Wrestling Entertainment's programming isn't exactly overflowing with good taste, this really lowered the bar.