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hows las vegas living for quad

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    hows las vegas living for quad

    been thinking of moving to vegas for a while now,i have some family living there, can anyone tell me how las vegas is for a quad living on medicaid,not many people on this board from nv.would appreciate some response.


    If you don't get any / many responses you may also want to try New Mobility.

    Good luck.

    Onward and Upward!


      Moving post

      This should probably be posted in the Life forum, so I will move it.

      You could talk to someone at the Nevada PVA office for more information:


        i lived in las vegas for 5 years. UNLV RUNNING REBELS...dont cross us.

        the area is mostly accessible...lots of ramp curbs and buses
        have lifts. high cost of living. summer heat will punish a quad.
        bad drivers. i was almost hit 2 time and i was on the sidewalk.
        while i was there, 2 wheelchair users was hit and killed.
        some ppl thought it was me. i think las vegas is pretty good place
        for a wheelchair user, just stay alert to all the weirdos.
        and stay out of high crime areas.


          Pretty much like Cinci, but not as humid...not as green in the summer as it is in Cinci either. My friend in Vegas complains that they don't have seasons. Personally, I could live with hot and hotter as the only weather forecasts. [img]/forum/images/smilies/smile.gif[/img]


            rtr...las vegas winters are cold. in my 5 years, it snowed 3
            times in the valley. but it snows lots on surrounding mountains.


              thanks for info on vegas would love more responses

              yeah, i'd rather be hotter than hell than freezing real cold weather can be brutal on a quad.i also know i'd have alot more fun there than cincinnati other than the reds baseball games i really love going to.anymore info on vegas i'd love to hear,especially people in Nv. THANKS


                cinci i wouldnt say that, it just might happen.

                las vegas heat threaten me many times. i lived 3 blocks from unlv
                and going home in the summer heat is awful. i would sit by the ac
                vent in building nearest my apt. then after nice and cold, i'd go for it.
                3 blocks later i was seeing stars and breathing hard...near heat stroke.


                  LOL, DA

                  I've done that a million times. Freeze myself with water/AC and then make a perilous trip in the heat. I've since learned to carry a water spray bottle with me. If I'm bike riding in the heat I'll soak a t-shirt and wear it wet. I'm actually looking forward to Fall here in NJ. Unlimited bike riding in the crisp weather. [img]/forum/images/smilies/smile.gif[/img]

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                    retro vegas

                    no expert on weather but for jeff you'll probably see what i mean when winter sets in sure the fall times are awesome,but once cold weather xtarts in you've gotta sit on a heater and once cold you never warm up,but then again i'm not sure what winters are like in for beaumont,tx. i know its gotta get damn hot and humid there and probably not to seasonal,vegas really has no humidity either just high temps.i'm just saying i'd prefer hot over cold


                      I'd rather die of heat stroke than hypothermia anyday. I've felt myself periously close to both, and I'd choose heat. Cinci, NY winters are even worse than Ohio winters as I recall. One reason I'm moving back to Florida.


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