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    Stock Talk?

    I'm not sure if this is appropriate... but it is the Life forum.

    Anyone here play the market and want to discuss exchange stock tips etc?

    Many of us are not working and have time on our hands... why not use it to make some money in the meantime right?

    Before my injury I always thought that work really gets in the way of making money. (and I made a decent salary). One of the VERY few benefits of having SCI is more free time to concentrate on things like this... assuming you are not working anyway.

    So: who's buying/shorting what and why?
    "Oh yeah life goes on
    Long after the thrill of livin is gone"

    John Cougar Mellencamp

    I'M playing the game and would be glad to exchange info M99 although i just took a hit on Neotheraputics [img]/forum/images/smilies/mad.gif[/img] [img]/forum/images/smilies/mad.gif[/img] [img]/forum/images/smilies/mad.gif[/img] [img]/forum/images/smilies/mad.gif[/img] still have some to learn



      Right now I am getting hammered on GE and UAL, but they should be picking up by the end of the year. Any good ones out there right now anyway?


        Stock Market Not A Playground

        For me, at age 64, the stock market is not a playground as I depend on my investments for a living for me and my family. I stick with the more established stocks on NYSE. I'm holding Harley Davidson, Stryker, some oil and several other stocks that have been very good to us during the past 10 years. This is not to say that I haven't taken a flyer or two duing my lifetime, but, they mostly went south rather than gain in price. I tend to purchase individual stocks over mutual funds. I feel that way I have more control and options on what I am holding. Anyway, I do like to invest and read several investment publications. Happy hunting
        You C.A.N.
        Conquer Adversity Now



          SHARING INFO.



            I am interested too. I have been reading (IBD) Investor's Business Daily and am trying to follow O'Neil's philosophy including analyzing charts. I have lost some of my shirt this past 2 years by being greedy and not always following the rules. I am sitting tight for the next couple months as we finish basing. Looks like a W bottom shaking out to me. I am afraid of options, but happy to share what I see out there. We all need to do our own DD, obviously.


              I still trade quite a bit and have been up and down of the last two years. Right now, with the political situation the way it is in other countries and the event risk being rather high. . . You might as well go to Vegas. But I like the high stakes, it keeps my blood flowing. Here are two that I have now and expect to go higher:

              TASR: this one has a very small float. 2 million shares, so very small amounts will push it around. They made the stun guns which I believe all major commercial airlines will begin to use. I even bought one for my wife. The beauty of the process is that the actual darts are 25 bucks a piece. . . So it is basically a subscription every time somebody buys a gun.

              MVL: I bought this a few weeks ago because everyone loves Spider-Man. Although, I don't know how much longer I will hold.

              I am going to buy SONS in the next couple of days. They have the bestVoIP soft switch on the market and most telco's will be upgrading as soon as the corporate spending cycle starts up again. It is a play on corporate IT spending more than anything else.

              I also like ALXN, but not necessarily for their research on spinal cord injury. It also has a very small float and we'll move on very low volume.

              I don't think there is much money to be made in options right now, except for writing covered calls and that's boring.

              The smart money probably is sitting on the sidelines right now. Once the Fed raises rates later this summer, I believe that will be the signal to buy. All bets are off. . . If there is any terrorist activity, and I believe that's really what's holding this market down. The smart money will be shorting any airline stock on any bounce up. Between terrorism and oil prices and the high cost of security, airlines will have a hard time.


                I've actually done very well in the last 2 years as I was shorting a lot of tech stocks.

                I was also short Northwest Airlines but covered my position just a few weeks before Sep11.

                My picks for now:

                #1. Providian. (PVN) They were the worst performing stock last year down 94%. They are a great turnaround story. This Credit Card company got all new management and has sold off a lot of assets to clean up their books and get the regulators out of their hair. After falling from $60 to $2, the stock has recovered back to around the $7 level and I think we will see $15-$20 by end of year.

                #2. Eagle Broadband (EAG) I've made a lot on this in the past and feel confident that I will again. They were focusing on hardwiring new high end subdivisions with fibre optics and supplying all digital services on 1 monthly bill. VERY high speed internet, video on demand, security, etc. They are now moving more towards providing content Nationwide through IP network technology. The stock was once at $18... now is trading at $.36 I think this stock could easily be $2-3 by end of year.

                BAMA: take a look at long term Call options on PVN. Jan2004 $12.50 calls are trading at around $1. I think there is tremendous profit potential here. If stock goes to $25 in about 20 months (very possible) you are looking at 900% returns here. What do you think?
                "Oh yeah life goes on
                Long after the thrill of livin is gone"

                John Cougar Mellencamp


                  OK here's my stock picks

                  1. VISG (I own shares) currently trades at $4 share with 19.8mil share out standing Viisage is a biometric's play on homeland defense/
                  Viisage is focused on providing the world's best identification solutions -the key to reducing fraud and ensuring personal security on the Internet, and providing secure e-commerce and e-business.

                  This technology enables identity verification by matching image data stored on a check, credit card or palmtop with the image that is stored at the verification location. The encrypted image data is automatically retrieved and compared to the stored face image enabling accurate and intuitive point-of-sale and e-commerce identity verification.

                  Viisage combines its systems integration and hardware design capabilities with its proprietary software and hardware products
                  and other best-in-class technology, to provide turnkey digital identification systems to its customers.

                  These systems can produce identification cards that are tamper
                  proof, utilize face-recognition technology with or without cards
                  for identification and verification of individuals, incorporate multiple biometrics (unique biological characteristics) and create relational databases to improve customers' ability to manage and move information.

                  2. CPHD (waiting for a good buy in point) currently trades at $3.75 share with 26 mil shares outstanding/ this is also a short term play on homeland defense, agricultral, ATF and research labs, but long term its products could be incorperated into hospitals,clinic, ER's, OR's and the police departments.
                  Headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, Cepheid is dedicated to applying breakthrough microfluidics and microelectronics technologies to revolutionary test systems for DNA analysis applications. We refer to this remarkable merger between microelectronics and molecular biology as Cepheid microDiagnosticsâ„¢. Cepheid is assembling a portfolio of proprietary technology platforms to enable complete, cost-effective automation of complex DNA detection procedures, from sample preparation and processing through real-time analysis and detection.Led by an experienced team from the top ranks of the scientific and business communities, we are developing fully integrated portable instruments and laboratory systems that can be used to quickly and accurately detect infectious disease agents, human genes, and industrial and environmental contaminants. These products will enable users to significantly improve effectiveness and reduce their total operating costs, in a wide variety of settings.

                  ----The Smart Cycler TD System---- is the transportable version of Cepheid's highly versatile and efficient thermal cycler with real time optical detection. The System is specifically tailored to the rapidly evolving needs of today's molecular biology laboratory, and the TD's mobility ideally suits it to applications such as environmental testing, biowarfare agent detection, plant diagnostics, and forensics.

                  ----Cepheid's GeneXpert---- family of products will combine cartridge-based sample preparation with the amplification and detection functions performed by our I-CORE® modules in an integrated, automated DNA analysis instrument. These products are designed to purify, concentrate, detect, and identify targeted DNA sequences, taking unprocessed sample to result in less than 30 minutes. Current techniques for accomplishing the same complex series of procedures require extensive manual labor by skilled technicians and can take anywhere from 6 hours to 3 days.

                  LIVE IT UP AND LIVE IT LARGE!!!!
                  LIVE IT UP AND LIVE IT LARGE!!!!


                    I love this stuff

                    but the market makes me crazy. Will their really be an earnings recovery so that stocks will move up again? What a disappointment after Wednesday! Why doesn't a stock like Pfizer (we all know Viagra) that still has great earnings, move up instead of down? Any thoughts if the HMO healthcare stocks have a ways to go, or have they topped out? Has anyone followed the ADSX saga? They install computerized chips in people. Or at least that's their plan. It moved from .50 to 2.40 in less than a month, but it dropped about .85 on Friday after a less than favorable newspaper article. Can anyone give me an easily understood method for evaluating stocks before I buy them, even if my broker recommends them. If possible, list the on-line sites you start with, one by one, in the order you would use to make a decision. Sorry, if this is too long.
                    For most of us, investing is one way to make money without worrying about impacting other benefits. Since I'll be retired soon, I would like to get better at it.



                      I am a VP with Salomon Smith Barney and have been active in the markets for over 15yrs.

                      I follow quite a few stocks, especially those that can potentially help us.

                      Without going into a whole lot of information or advice I am offering my services to anyone interested.

                      Chris Chappell
                      1-800-965-3028 ext.644
                      or e-mail:

                      Onward and Upward!



                        Free, I would say you just have to start immersing yourself in the stuff. There is no need to go overboard but you can start to do some of the following:

                        Reading a daily financial paper is very good but the very nature of it is such that you don't really get deep into any particular story. Just one headline after another.... I would still start here.

                        I think Business Week is a very good weekly that covers a few topics in much more detail. There is a lot to learn here.

                        Fortune & other weeklies are all good too but Business Week is my favourite.

                        Watch some CNBC. Wall Street Week with Louis Rukyeser is good and is only a half hour show Friday nights on CNBC as well. (used to be on PBS)

                        There are a ton of good & free financial sites on-line.

                        I use:

                        Yahoo Finance
                        ON24 (
                        Raging Bull (
                        Stockhouse (

                        I wouldn't follow the analyst recommendations on anything. They are some of the most corrupt people around and have burned so many people it's not even funny.

                        Chris: What is your job with Salomon Smith Barney? I am impressed. You don't look all that old in your picture.
                        "Oh yeah life goes on
                        Long after the thrill of livin is gone"

                        John Cougar Mellencamp


                          M99,,,great idea for a thread,,,hopefully it'll stay ongoing. I'm a student of the market and find it quite interesting. I read, listen, watch and ask q's to learn. However, it became quite confusing when i was trying to apply the correct ''conventional/formal'' way of; evaluating stocks, what makes stocks move up/dwn,,,during the late98/99/00 ''hyper-mania'' bull run.
                          ,,,,,Right now; i think we're establishing a bottom, still testing post-911 lows. RE; wednesday's rally,,,that was all hot air. That was bull-pushy techy's trying to make something out of nothing based on ''one'' company's positive report, cisco.
                          ,,,,,The market will truly begin to move up when ''earnings'' show up. ''True earnings''; some of the now reported/soon to be, positive earnings are earnings from ''cost cutting''. It is earnings from ''top-line growth'' that are ''legit'' and showing that a company is truly ''generating'' positive earnings that will make a stock move up.



                            I'm 38, a VP, and have been with Salomon Smith Barney (SSB) for ten years starting with the original Smith Barney. I've been a part of four major mergers.

                            Initially I was a broker, here in Denver, for about five years and built a $40 million "book" of clients. From 1997-'98 I was recruited into the management training program, moved to Chicago and was an RSTO (Regional Sales Training Officer) for 18 branches covering four states as well as national / international (Australia, etc.) projects. I traveled about 125,000 miles a yr.

                            An opportunity came up in 1999 to move back to Denver (my wife loves it here) and assistant (Sales Manager) manage a large branch (85 people, $2 billion in assets) in Englewood, CO. It was here, as a manager, that I was injured 06/00 in a high speed mountain bike accident. Since then I have cut back on my managerial duties and am back running a smaller book of clientele. In addition to my work at SSB I also, as you probably know, spend a lot of time on SCI research, fundraising, advocacy, volunteering, etc.

                            Good advice to FreeJ. I would encourage anyone interested in the markets to read: Investor's Business Daily (IBD) newspaper and a couple of the following books: The Warren Buffet Way (or anything by or about Warren Buffet), The Millionaire Next Door (must read), A Portrait of a Stock operator (older book, interesting).

                            Good luck. Let me know if anyone would like some help / guidance.

                            Onward and Upward!


                              FreeJ, my own thoughts are that we will see a reasonable and sustainable rally starting no later than Fall.

                              I don't believe that the Market always prices things properly. Clearly it can go too far one way or the other. These are the opportunities for making big money... have faith in yourself and be strong and you will do well. It's human nature to want to buy when things are great and sell when things suck. This guarantees no big money will be made and is totally wrong.

                              The market tends to look ahead 6-9 months. If the market waits to "see improved earnings" then it will go much higher much faster so as to "catch up".

                              The Tech sector is very hard to read. Everytime you try to catch a falling knife you have a good chance of getting cut BUT as long as stocks like Lucent, Cisco & JDS will surive (and I strongly believe they will) I would start bottom fishing here. I actually started a bit early and have positions in all of these at slightly higher levels than they are now. 24 months from now these moves will look smart.

                              I'm really glad this thread has done pretty well!
                              "Oh yeah life goes on
                              Long after the thrill of livin is gone"

                              John Cougar Mellencamp