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Your reaction to reading this will be 'God, what a bastard!'

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    From what I understand, the life expectancy of a spinal cord injured individual
    can be almost normal length if you take care of yourself and don't abuse your body.Number one, don't smoke. Drink as much water as you can.

    The man you descibe sounds dangerous, stay away from him as much as possible. Try to find a better home for yourself as soon as you finish school.Keep some emergency numbers posted in your room, this way he will see that other people are watching out for you.


      I have 2 comments
      First,i am afraid of living as long as healthy people.i dread the day that i can not transfer myself or do the other things to be independent.I do not want to live to be so old that i sit in a nursing home waiting for someone to clean me up.i am 43 and if i am not cured i think 70 is about a good time to live to.But do not worry about life expectancy and statistics,with medical advances our bodies will live longer than our mental capabilities.
      Second,i beleive trying to discuss things and avoid bad situations are the best course of action but do not rule out physical violence.I was in national rehab hospital and tried everything for 4 hours to get pain medicine for my shoulder (which required surgery 3 months later,iwas not making up the pain) I finally found my doctor and explained that i have been over comperative but for some reason he is not getting me my medicine so i will not allow him to move un til he gets it.i informed him that although i amm paralzed from the chest down that he was obviously not a man who worked out and that i was confident i could hurt him.i got my pain medicine quickly.Tell your dad to get some freinds and go over to this guy and beat him.Tell them not to hit himin the fece because it leaves marks which you do not want if he calls the police.the best method is for someone to hold him while someone else punches him in the stomach and groin.After he is suffering from being out of breath from the stomach punches and he feels that his testicles have been smmashed a quick punch to the neck will leave him gasping for air for quite a while.If you really want to teach him a lesson after the beating lay him on the groun and place something under his foot like a cinder block and then step down real hard on his knee so it bends the wrong way.if you do both legs he will understand what we go thru not being able to walk.The only problem with breaking his knees is that it leaves evidence for the police so your dad could get in trouble.If you lived by me i would come over with my freinds and take care of him for you ,but your across the ocean so i can't help


        Thanks again to everyone, you all warmed my heart. Brian, I do feel like your suggested course of action would be justified, but then my mum would have to look after him - a punishment i would give no one.
        I'm still hanging in here, feeling a bit better today after being at school and getting a lot of support from my friends.
        Anyway i've got work to do so i'm gunna shoot, got Goo-Goo Doll's new album today and music always helps me escape!


          What an ASS


          Mary and I already plan to take my 325 pound wheel chair and run over her ex and mine. Give me the signal and we'll take out your step dad also. Seriously, get away from that man and call me for support.

          "Save the last dance for me!"