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5-year ban of Cloning Bill Passed in Russia

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    5-year ban of Cloning Bill Passed in Russia

    Cloning Bill Passed

    MOSCOW (AP) -- The State Duma on Wednesday gave preliminary approval to a bill that imposes a five-year ban on human cloning and says cloned human embryos cannot be brought into Russia.

    The Duma also narrowly approved a bill stripping military employees of some Soviet-era benefits but boosting their pay.

    The Duma voted 260-4 with one abstention to pass the government-proposed cloning bill in the second of three required readings. The document doesn't ban animal or therapeutic cloning, and says the ban on human cloning could be either extended or revoked after five years.

    The lawmakers turned down a proposed amendment to make the ban permanent.

    The military bill was passed on a final third reading by the Duma 233 to 150 with one abstention. It needed 226 votes to pass. The bill now goes to the Federation Council for approval and must be signed by President Vladimir Putin to become law.