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Going Back On SSDI???

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    Going Back On SSDI???

    Question: I have an SCI, was on SSDI for about eleven years, worked for tweleve and have been on private disabilty for a number of months after taking a fall and sustaining some fractures...

    I am at decision time. I have a lot of the problems that come with twenty four years post injury ( para t2/t3- pushing fifty yrs.old) and was having a lot of difficulty keeping up with the nine to five world before sustaining injury. My Ortho surgeon would probably not say I cannot work for the next year ( as required by DDS/SSA ) but all things ( medical ) combined I think I have a decent case. I realize a lot has to do with how I present it and thorough documentation.

    I have talked with other wheelies who have been in this circumstance and gone back on benefits with no problem BUT I've also been told by others it could be tough because of level of education, job skills etc...

    Seems like there are probably some folks here who have "been there and done that."

    I'd appreciate any input...