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Supported Gait Training

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    Supported Gait Training

    I'm interested in finding information about supported (harnessed) treadmill gait training.

    Has anyone tried it? Results? Thoughts? Comments?
    Do you still go? Where?
    Has anyone designed something like this in their home? If so, how? any websites?

    Any information would be helpful. Thanks.

    I'm in the process of investigating getting a unit for my home. My doctor says there is a study that says to only stand 3 times a week for 1 hour at a time. I am looking into that study. It is contrary to what I was told. If fact that is one of the reasons I joined this site, to gain some information. I have tried Lite Gate and I really like their harness,that is a free standing unit but takes up quite a bit of space. I am also checking out the tracking system on the ceiling. I think this will be a good space saver. The prices seem to be comprable. I may just try and use it at my re hap center for a while. That is what my doctor advised. Keep me posted on anything you find out. Thanks



      I was in a harness gait training study at The Miami Project a year ago. It was for 13 weeks, and went great.

      Dr Blair Calancie conducted the study. He designed and built the track and harness system that was used. He's not at Miami Project anymore, but if you want, I'll get his number for you.


        Please list the details of the study or at least a contact name. Thanks,


          Do a search for Vigor Equipment. They will also send you a VHS tape of their products. NRH in Washington DC also now has a gait program using some sort of suspension system. If anyone checks that out I'd like to hear the details.
          Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow."

          Disclaimer: Answers, suggestions, and/or comments do not constitute medical advice expressed or implied and are based solely on my experiences as a SCI patient. Please consult your attending physician for medical advise and treatment. In the event of a medical emergency please call 911.


            Supported ambulation

            We have a Lite Gait system where I work, which gets a lot of use both with the treadmill and across the floor for incomplete patients. We are also putting in a ceiling track system over our parallel bars so that we have that available as well and don't have to wait to use the Lite Gait. All the ceiling track lift companies are making ambulation harnesses now....


              Thanks Everyone

              Holiday; Tracking system. You mentioned space saving and cost / price. Do you have any additional details? How hard is it to install?

              Btw, Grew up in NJ, used to live in Montclair.

              JLB, If Blair Calancie's number is handy I'd appreciate it. Btw, how did your 13 weeks at Miami go? Progress? Where on the Jersey shore do you live. I used to spend every summer down there (LBI, Seaside, Lavalette, Belmar, etc.) My wife's from point pleasant. Small world.

              Sue, thanks I'll check it out.

              KLD, any information on the manufacturers? Also, what's your overall impression of gait training? Worth it?

              FYI,I'm C6-7 19 mos. post sensory incomplete, motor complete but can do swing through gait with a walker. I'm a big believer in intense pt rehab.



                Ceiling track systems

                Here are the major players:


                Barrier Free:

                BHM Medical:



                Sure Hands:

                Waverley Glen:

                And here is the LiteGait:



                  I emailed my PT from Miami for Blair's info, I'll post it when I hear back from her.

                  That's funny you used to vacation at the NJ Shore. I live in Bayville, which is right next to Toms River, exit 80.

                  I was in a thirteen week study to measure the effectiveness of three different types of therapy. Walking around a track supported by a harness, walking on a treadmill with a harness, and intensive physical therapy. I was randomly selected to walk around the track.

                  I am c5/6 incomplete, 6 years post. Prior to the study, I was walking short distances, about 100 yards, with one full leg brace and a walker. The main thing preventing me from walking farther, was spasms. After walking a certain distance the spasms would get so bad, I would have to stop, or risk falling.

                  The study was an hour, three times a week.
                  The track was about 70 yards. The harness supported about 20% of ones body weight. According to the study I could walk, and rest as needed, within one hour.

                  In the beginning, I don't think I made it 10 minutes before I had to rest. Each session, I was able to walk a little further, and the spasms got a little better.

                  About half way into the study, I walked the entire hour. For the remainder of the study, some days I could walk the whole hour, and others I couldn't. It depended what the spasms were like that day.

                  Spending last winter in Florida was great. It is by far the most accessible place I have ever been, and the weather during the winter months is perfect. I met some wonderful people at The Miami Project.

                  Holiday, the study hasn't been published yet and I can't find any info on it.


                    Gait Training

                    Dear JLB;
                    Thanks for all the detailed info. Was anyone in the study that didn't have any leg movement at all?



                      There were two people in the study, while I was, that had very little movement. Both were in the treadmill group. The therapists had to help them to take steps.

                      I haven't heard back from my PT about Blair's info.