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  • Physical exercise?

    I'm C7, 18, female, 2 years post and EXTREMELY UNFIT!!
    I can't drive because I have no stamina, I get knackered when pushing for a patheticley short distance, I feel so embarassed for my weakness!
    What can I do?
    There are no accessable gyms around and no one to take me swimming. There are no wheelchair sports going on around here and its getting cold so I don't like to go out pushing.
    I'm at school with exams coming up so don't have a whole lot of time. I've just started ( coming up for a week now) to do half an hour of weights in my room each day. God its killing me! But I'm keeping with it. But it doesn't feel like enough. I know I'm going to struggle to work up an aerobic fitness but I'm gunna try!
    Can anyone in a simular position (injury wise) tell me what you do?

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    Hi tikit2ride.........
    its really a tuff situation.
    I'm a T4 para and its really much different from ur situation. Even though I've similar problems.
    Here we've no sports for wheelers, no accesible gyms thats why I've to exercise at home too. But u know......u can achieve really good results at home. I'm 14moths post and now my upperbody is really in good shape and I achieved this with home training only. Everything I do-I do in my bed.
    I don't know what exactly u can do but here are some of the things I do
    in order to keep in good shape (my hands r my rescue)

    First if u can tie two ropes to the low part of ur bed where ur legs r. You use them to lift ur upper body this will strenthen both ur abdominals, ur paravertebral and ur all upperbody.
    Its really amazing what a good result I acheived only with this exercise. In the beginning I could lift myself only a few times now i do this 300 times 2 times a day)))
    Also u can lift weights in many different possitions in the bed to achieve max. result for all ur upperbody and ur shoulders especially.
    Its very important in order to move ur wheelchair more easily.
    There r many more just a question of imagination and ability(what u can do).
    The main goal is to do as much as u can.All the time. Always do something even when u'r sitting in ur whellchair move ur arms and all u can.
    Every single movement is usefull for u........

    About the sports a possible disision of the problem is to find people in ur situation I mean weelers. And to form a group and practise some sports together.
    This is the only way to survive when the gevernment isn't on ur side [img]/forum/images/smilies/smile.gif[/img]))))))

    Its the same here........
    Hope this info will be usefull for u
    u can contact me vai email:
    I'm at ur age/19
    It'll be pleasant for me to talk to u.
    Bye c u later........... [img]/forum/images/smilies/wink.gif[/img]
    Vlady G


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      The interesting thing for me has been trying to get cardiovascular exercise. I find that my arms are the first thing to give out. my girlfriend tell me that using your arms requires 30 % more effort to go the same distance that it does your legs because your legs are a less efficient muscle for this activity.

      the problem is getting my heartrate up for a sustained period of time. I remember very clearly running distance and having sweat poring off my head. but it isn't like that anymore. even if I push my chair a LONG distance, this never happens, you know?

      i think that one of the responsibilities of rehabilitation should be how to show somebody how to get achieve an aerobic exercise rate for the 20 minutes 3 times a week that is required to maintain health. this is really much more important than building your upper affects everything, from ADLs to your bodies immune system and your ability to fight off infection. They worked my arms so hard I remember that i couldn't roll anymore, my shoulders hurt so bad. yet they did nothing for my ability to breath.

      Dr. Kao consulted with my and gave me a tip on a really great exercise for breathing. I'll try and post the plans...

      Eric Texley
      Eric Texley


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        are pretty good for cardiovascular exercise. Wheelchair pushing offers no resistance on the return stroke and is very inefficient. With a handcycle you can get your heart rate going up to 110bpm or probably more if you're pretty strong. It was hard for me to maintain that as I don't have a particularly bulky upper body. FES leg pedaling makes it easy to achieve target bpm for twenty or thirty minutes.

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          I'm C6-7. Here's a couple of suggestions.

          1. Push your chair. Indoors or out. Carpet or solid floor. Ramps, inclines. Start small and build up. Its amazing in one year how strong I've gotten mainly from pushing.

          2. Push-ups. Chair or floor. These are awesome and great for weight shifts (every 20 mins.). While in your chair put both hands on either your push rims, tires, or arm rests. Now lean forward and by pushing down with your arms try to lift your butt off of your chair. Keep practicing until you can hold your lift steady for at least 60 seconds. (I've been able to build up to 3 minutes and it helps my gaiting tremendously).

          3. Regular push-ups when you're on the floor or in bed (harder).

          4. Shadow Box. While sitting in your chair try to imaginary box, (jabs, hooks, overhand, upper-cut)for 1 minute without lowering your hands / arms. It's a great workout and will help to build stamina plus really get your blood pumping.

          5. Even without weights you can do tricep extensions over your head as well as shoulder presses and shrugs.

          Good luck!


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            one of the things ive done for excersise/cardio is go to mall/target/wal mart and push non stop in laps pass the point of breething heavy until i can barelyt push anymore and then ry to beat the # of laps nexst time i go. haas made huge diff [img]/forum/images/smilies/biggrin.gif[/img] [img]/forum/images/smilies/biggrin.gif[/img] [img]/forum/images/smilies/wink.gif[/img] [img]/forum/images/smilies/cool.gif[/img] [img]/forum/images/smilies/smile.gif[/img]
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