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Service to Country Bonds All Generations of Veterans Proclaims

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  • Service to Country Bonds All Generations of Veterans Proclaims

    Service to Country Bonds All Generations of Veterans Proclaims
    Paralyzed Veterans of America
    To: National Desk
    Contact: Bob Ensinger of Paralyzed Veterans of America,

    WASHINGTON, Nov. 9 /U.S. Newswire/ -- Following is a statement
    of Paralyzed Veterans of America National President Joseph L. Fox
    Sr., released as Veterans Day approaches this weekend:

    "'The road to glory in a patriot army and a free country is thus
    open to all.'" So wrote General George Washington in 1782,
    when he established the Purple Heart award. More than 48 million
    men and women have served in that "patriot army" and the other
    armed forces. As a Vietnam veteran and recipient of the Purple
    Heart, I am proud to have played my part in that march on the
    road to glory.

    "Each year on Veterans Day, we gather at Arlington National
    Cemetery and other veterans cemeteries, along parade routes, at
    school assemblies and elsewhere to honor veterans. Not just our
    fallen comrades, but the 25 million veterans who are alive today.
    Each service -- Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, and my own
    branch, the Marine Corps -- has its own traditions and battlefields.
    The experiences during and after service differed greatly for
    those who fought in the different wars of this century -- World
    War II, 'the last good war'; the Korean conflict, 'the forgotten
    war'; Vietnam, Desert Storm, Bosnia, and now the war on terrorism.
    But these differences pale in comparison to the common bond
    that unites us as veterans: We served our country.

    "While Veterans Day is a day of great significance to all
    veterans, it is especially meaningful to those veterans who
    served their country with distinction and now suffer from paralysis.
    As national president of the Paralyzed Veterans of America,
    I pledge that PVA will continue to serve our country and its

    Editors: On Sunday, Nov. 11, Fox will participate in ceremonies
    at Arlington National Cemetery and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.
    To schedule an interview, contact Bob Ensinger at 703-655-6476.

    Paralyzed Veterans of America, a veterans service organization
    chartered by Congress, has for more than 50 years served the
    needs of its members, all of whom have catastrophic paralysis
    caused by spinal cord injury or disease. To learn about PVA, visit
    its Web site at

    /U.S. Newswire 202-347-2770/
    11/09 16:53

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