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    Suction Catheters

    I have a box of 50 BARD catheter and glove suction kits. I don't use this kind any more. The packages are still individually sealed. If any body uses these let me know. If you will pay shipping, I will send them. Here's the description:

    Rubber Catheter, 14-16 fr, 22" long, 2 eye whistle tip with control vent, X-ray opaque.

    Any one interested can email me @

    Anybody have any ideas where I can donate these? The rehab hospitals and clinics won't take them back even if the packages have never been open.


    Try donating them to an organization such as the Flying Samaritans, or other group that travels overseas to provide free medical care. Often they will even take expired or used supplies if they can be resterilized, which would never be allowed in this country due to liability reasons. Since you live in Texas, would should be able to find some of these organizations that go down to Mexico or Central America fairly easily.