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    Welcome 500 New Members

    Since January of 2022 nearly 500 new people have registered, about 1/8th have posted. We now are just shy of 20,000 members. We haven't had an intro thread in a long time so I figured I would start one.

    I was injured in 1995, fell three stories,C5/6, incomplete ASIA C. Accident was a few blocks from the Shepherd Center in Atlanta, did my inpatient/outpatient there, then moved back to New Jersey and did another year+ of outpatient. I'm fortunate to have sensation/movement, us a chair full time. Must have found this website about 25 years ago before it became CareCure.

    Great idea to start this new thread, Jim. Welcome and best wishes to all new members, you'll find lots of help and ideas here.
    MS with cervical and thoracic cord lesions