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Knees together or knees apart in wheelchair?

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    I us a belt to keep my legs together just off down tubes just seems to make my seating better


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      Doesn't it look weird to roll around with a belt holding your legs? If I put my legs together they'd end up flopping one way or the other. How do you prevent your legs both going to one side and resting on the down tube anyway?

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    agree with KLD mentioned above. where-ever your knees are positioned wide or together, it will effect how your hips and ischial tuberosities (the sit-bones) are positioned while you are sitting.

    Good point has anyone noticed their sitting pressures are better with their legs opened or closed?


      My legs only splay outward when I don't have adequate contact along my femur, all the way to the end of the cushion. This is mostly controlled by where I set the footrest. Even just a tad too high (.5"-1") and my legs immediately flop outward. They normally sit comfortably spaced. So, I'd also consider footrest position when trying to tame floppy legs or splayed legs - if they're a problem for you.
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        Reversed my foot rest and had it so my toes brought the very front and my heels were tucked under the chair.

        Have to wedge my feet underneath the chair to keep them from falling off the foot rest and my natural sitting position the knees never touched.

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