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We need YOUR help right NOW!!

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    We need YOUR help right NOW!!


    Hello everyone!

    I found a link to a site that will allow us to VERY EASILY and QUICKLY notify our politicians of our feelings regarding stem cell research. The site was developed by the "Coalition for the Advancement of Medical Research in Washington, DC.

    We all need further stem cell research to be done in order to cure so very many sick Americans! Please, take a few minutes of your time and help! Also, encourage your friends and families as well as everyone in your email address book to also help us out.

    !!!!!!!!!!! please -- spread the word to all of your friends and families to do the same thing.
    also cut and paste my post to EVERYONE in your email address book and encourage them to do the same!

    also -- cut and paste my post above into EVERY SINGLE bulletin board or forum for all of the illnesses this research will help - diabetes, parkinson's, ms, cancer, heart, spinal cord injury etc ...
    together we can be heard!!!!!!!!!!

    Click on this url:

    Once there, you can click on the left side of the page to learn more about the group.

    After you have done that you can then do the following to quickly prepare letters for your signature to be sent to the President and your Senators. These are the steps to accomplish that:
    Go to step 1 and read/review/edit letter that is already there for you, as you feel necessary.

    Next, go to step 2 and complete all requested information.

    Then proceed to step 3 and click on the word PRINT
    At the top of the next page, click on the words MY LETTERS directly under the words PRINT YOUR LETTERS.

    Your three letters to your Senators and the President will then automatically print for you with the date and your signature block already inserted.

    Now - stay on that screen that you are taken to, while the letters print. Notice that you can use THAT screen to enter friends/families email addresses into to notify them of this site, so that they too can do the same thing that you have just done. (Or, if you prefer, you can exit out and just send them the link to the site via your email address book.)

    But - before you leave that screen, press BACK and read about following up your letter with a personal phone call to the White House and your legislators.

    Also, CLICK the sentence regarding "talking points" for pointers on what to say.
    In addition, it is very important to plan a personal visit to your local representatives, since they are on recess right now and in their local office. A personal visit is very important - please do all of the above.
    Together we can each do something to help ourselves and many other chronically ill Americans!

    Thank you!