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Transportation in SF

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    Transportation in SF

    I am planning to visit SF area for the first time
    during the labor holiday (Sep. 1~3). I cannot drive by myself, but my friend can.

    I need your advice and info. What is the best transportation during the trip?
    Is wheelchair accessible taxi really available?
    From my previous experience in LA and Boston, accessible taxi was available from the airport but it was very difficult to take this taxi from the other area (even in downtown).
    I searched where we can rent accessible van but their rate is 110$/day with no insurance plan and minimum 5 days rental during the labor holiday.

    Any suggestion? Thank you.

    San Francisco transporation

    Here is a link with good information on San Francisco, including transportation. You can also get information on ordering the San Francisco Convention and Visitor's Center free access guide through the site:

    I wouldn't even consider renting a van. I never take a car when I go to San is a bear to drive in that city, and nearly impossible to park (even with your placard). There are resources for wheelchair transporation that would probably be less stressful and cheaper in the long run, unless you are planning long trips out of the City.


      Thank you

      Thank you for your useful information and personal comment.
      The link you addressed here and is useful.