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50th trip around the sun, funny story

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    50th trip around the sun, funny story

    So, this isn't a shameless plug for attention about turning 50. Really. I Promise. It's just a hilarious anecdote that will mark the evening as being unforgettable.

    My wife, youngest son, and I drove up to see OldGrumpyDad, and his family, for the weekend. (We all live reasonably close together in Virginia.)

    The weekend happened to correspond with both my, and Mrs. OldGrumpyDad's, birthday week, so we decided to have a small backyard/authentic homemade English Fish-n-Chips/pool party celebration. Complete with cake.

    Since it is considered indelicate to speak of a lady's age in public, suffice it to say, it was my 50th birthday, and there were 99 total candles on our combined birthday cake.

    While, on a good day, 99 candles placed on a birthday cake, and lit, would be considered a pretty bad idea; on today, it was an even worse one!

    You see, while shopping for the most reasonable way to acquire 99 birthday cake candles, for the most reasonable price, OldGrumpyDad (with one of his sons as an unwitting accomplice) accidentally (and unknowingly) bought trick candles. The kind that can't be blown out.

    The ensuing hilarity was almost too much to bear, but I managed to snap a few pics before collapsing into an uncontrollable fit of belly laughter the likes of which I haven't experienced in years!

    I hope it makes you laugh too. It was pretty funny, but maybe you had to be there. 🤣

    Click image for larger version  Name:	32F649F1-36C0-4177-A49B-150982F62C8F.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	268.0 KB ID:	2909565

    Click image for larger version  Name:	BAF81028-5595-4C39-B46D-79747929C2F1.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	268.3 KB ID:	2909566

    Click image for larger version  Name:	C0D6C325-C7EC-48E2-93F3-703F3CA8EEFC.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	243.8 KB ID:	2909567

    "I have great faith in fools; self-confidence my friends call it." - Edgar Allen Poe

    "If you only know your side of an issue, you know nothing." -John Stuart Mill, On Liberty

    Let's just say I'm better at software than I am at hardware.


      That’s a bonfire!
      Great story, Happy Birthday to you and and Mrs. OldGrumpyDad!


        So...............................................h ow did the wax taste?

        and while you're at it, tell me why I can't get rid of the gap in how?
        69yo male T12 complete since 1995
        NW NJ


          A very, er, *sparkling* and happy belated birthday to you and Mrs. OldGrumpyDad!
          MS with cervical and thoracic cord lesions