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Vehicles with interchangeable seats

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    Vehicles with interchangeable seats

    Hello, has anyone on here modified there braunability vehicle to interchange

    e the front seats? Looking at buying a new vehicle and want to be able to swap with my copilot on long trips. VMI offers their vans that does it but I really wanted to get a truck or suv. Both Braun and ATC say they can’t do it. Seems to me it can’t be that damn difficult.
    looks like the pedestal the seat sits on just needs to be carved out so the seats can sit on either side.
    anyone tinker people out there that have done this on the traverse or Ford Explorer? Let me know.

    I thought about this when I first got my Braun-equipped minivan. Turns out that the driver and passenger seats are set up differently, most notably the adjustment controls are on the outside, the armrest is on the inside, and the seat belt receptacle is also on the inside. And that means they are set up opposite between the two seats. As a result, the fact that Braun uses the factory seats as part of their modification means that they can't be swapped. But I agree that an ambitious modification could easily overcome these obstacles. Good luck finding it!
    C5/6 complete (maybe) circa June 2018