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Gautier man holds world record for longest living quadriplegic

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    Gautier man holds world record for longest living quadriplegic
    "Some people say that, the longer you go the better it gets the more you get used to it, I'm actually finding the opposite is true."

    -Christopher Reeve on his Paralysis

    Our own SCI55 beats him by 5 years (1954). Still congrats to him but he's not the longest living quad.


      Suggest SCI55 apply for the world record. Bob has been a member of our wheeling society half decade longer.
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        This is a random story but when my wife was doing in-home therapy she went to an elderly couples home and she had collected salt and pepper shakers her entire life. Her husband built floor to ceiling cabinets throughout the entire house for them, every square inch of wall space. We did the math and it was closing in on 10,000. Something like 6,971 pairs is the world record so we looked into it. You have to pay their travel, meals, per diem, and another fee for them to certify "officially." It was not worth the cost for the title. I guess that's the same process these days.


          One thing I wasn't clear on the article, is it suggesting that he has spent the most amount of years alive as a quadriplegic, or he's just the oldest guy alive that is a quad? The reason I ask is let's say someone else 57 with injured and makes it to 80. They spent 23 years dealing with SCI related health issues. However if they were injured at 12 and made it to 75, then obviously they spent 63 years with their body being subjected to SCI health issues. The latter might not be the oldest person to live with an SCI, but they did live for the longest period of time with the SCI.

          Personally I would be interested to hear a record kept on who is remained the live the longest in there SCI condition, and hopefully folks that are able to stay alive can provide data that helps establish further standards of care so we live long lives a good quality.
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            That's an interesting point.
            What about those guys that are living in third-world countries - are they making records about SCI? In some places on our planet, no one cares about this, as I know.


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              With the poor medical care available for people with SCI in most 3rd World countries, it would be unlikely there are "hidden" long-lived people who are survivors of SCI. (KLD)