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Any Canadians here?

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    Any Canadians here?

    I've got some questions for our northern neighbors. In small part due to the fact that I'm just curious... and to be honest in large part because of the current clusterf$&@ that is America at the moment.

    How's life in Canada?

    How's having an SCI in Canada?
    I'm a working professional and I have a OCD-ish budget looking at every single dollar I spend, I currently budget approximatley $1000 USD ($1300 CAD) in medical costs. I assume y'all Molson drinkers aren't out of pocket nearly as much to maintain a reasonable lifestyle (and by that I mean be able to pee and poop and buy a wheelchair every 6-7 years)... This also doesn't take into account the several hundred dollars a month my employer pays toward my healthcare "insurance".

    Can you wheel in the snow? I'm from the south and we barely have snow, but I've been stuck in ice and barely able to make it to my car before, I was almost stranded six feet from my car and fifty feet from my apartment.

    Do you guys have more than two viable political parties?
    Because we've just got the two and the combination is a recipe for disaster, clearly... as if I have to tell you...

    Do y'all know any cities other than Vancouver (I don't have 1.3 million for a house!) with decent weather?

    If I immigrated to your frozen country could I afford to retire and not go broke from medical expenses if I worked for ten or fifteen years with a $250k-ish salary?

    I'm sure this is all moot, my degree and training definitely qualifies me to immigrate, but you Canucks would be fools to let in someone so expensive to your healthcare system take a job and passport that could go to some healthy Indian rather than a disabled american.

    Maybe I'll feel better about all this on Wednesday... but i highly doubt it... no matter the outcome (which I don't expect to be determined on Wednesday).


      It is understandable that any democrat is in a funk right now (haha). But there really is no escape. I know disabled people in Canada who have difficulty getting the care they need, troubles with insurance coverage, and equipment is much more expensive there. Just like here, the supplies you know you need are not always covered. No, I do not see how many government would think a working history of 10-15 years would adequately cover medical costs after your retirement.

      That said, stick around and medical costs in the US will not be covered either. If you want to know more about Canadian politics go to wikipedia. I would not expect a Canadian to explain it all to you, even if they are known for being polite.


        no hospital bills here. 75% of wchair paid for every 5 yrs etc etc