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    Hi CareCure,

    I hope you are all doing as well as can be expected in these difficult days.

    I just thought I would share that I have decided, 15 years post-injury, to write a musical about my experiences. I am almost through the first draft with my collaborators. I have written 21 songs, and the experience has been cathartic to say the least. It is also interesting because the lessons I write about in the musical are lessons I still am struggling to learn.

    The musical chronicles the parallel stories of a character based on me and a character based on the drunk driver who paralyzed me. I would be happy to share any information about the endeavor if you would like, even link to a few songs or something.

    My question for you all is the following: What advice can you share about making the musical respectful to the SCI community? I am conscious that as a writer on this topic I am presenting a picture of what life is like as a person with a spinal cord injury. But my experience is unique, as are all of yours. What is my role and responsibility as an artist here? I don't want to say things that are true to my own story but may inaccurately represent the journey of someone with SCI. I have always felt that my injury, in relation to others, wasn't as severe, and that makes me wary of speaking on behalf of people.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated!


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    I say be true to your experience. That's what makes it your art. No real need to speak for or about anyone else or anything else other than what is true and real for you. "Art by committee" is rarely, if ever, as meaningful as authentic personal expression IMO.
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      What Oddity said Dave. Be true to your own experience. If someone takes offense, they should write their own story. It's your life so how can it be inaccurate. My life has been a piece of cake imo compared with so many others. May be because I decided a long time ago to maximize my potential with what I had left and keep a positive mental attitude while realizing the down part is just part of the cycle.

      Good luck with your musical. Sounds very exciting taking on such a project. Go get 'em Dave.


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        Well, I was a drunk 'til 83, so I could play a sotte authentically!
        You might watch "The Death of Klinghoffer" by John Adams. (Leon Klinghoffer was a wheelchair bound tourist that terrorists threw into the sea from a cruise ship)
        Good luck. One thing I DO know is that music heals the soul.
        69yo male T12 complete since 1995
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          What they said! Be true to yourself and no matter how exciting your project gets, try not to get thrown into the sea.