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47 years post injury

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    Good to hear Pat, was wondering how you and the other longtimers were getting by...seems like many are doing just fine, good to know!
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      That's a long time. Good for you. Stay strong!


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        Originally posted by Patrick Madsen View Post
        47 years post injury on the 20th or 21st. Was working as a stunt double...
        I fell, on the 1st day of summer as well in 1994, from a dead oak tree needing to be trimmed of branches before the tractor pull-down away from the farmhouse.
        My company was Brandy, a German Sheppard, for about 4 hours never leaving my side until eventually found by a stranger come by to offer electricity poles' maintenance at the farm. It was Noel who made friends with Brandy and was able to make her understand she did not need to protect me from the Emergency personnel come to tend to me.
        Now 25 years later I expect to at least squeeze another 25 to see my grandchildren give me great grand children *smiles*.
        A brand new life full of challenges and opportunities that otherwise would not have been discovered.
        Cheers Patrick!


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