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  • tornado

    this was taken from live oak island 3 miles by water from me it went right behind me across canal did some wind damage got neighbors nnew roof he had justy done from hurricane micheal trees split . we are 20 feet in air. let me tell the house whipped around patio furniture everwhere. we had 3 in the area Click image for larger version

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    Are you ok? Scary. I just have to deal with earthquakes and fires.


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      9 years ago today, 4/27/11 was bad. My dad was in hospital from a car wreck a few weeks earlier. Weak heart, they were trying to stabilise him before major arm surgery. Early AM on the 27th, they rushed him into emergency surgery, knowing hospital would soon be overwhelmed by in coming tornado victims. It was surgery now or amputate now. While in surgery, tornado hit hospital. My brother said he could smell generators running and slight breeze in basement OR waiting area. He told many horrors he witnessed while waiting for my old man to come out of recovery. We rotated taking my mother to sit with him, daily. Driving thru a disaster area with her and her dementia was one of the hardest things I'd experienced, or so I thought. He died in July which made mothers dementia go turbo. Then I added to her suffering by getting a C3 SCI, 3 weeks after burying her husband.

      Having lived in tornado alley most of my life, I'd seen a lot of damage. Nothing like April 2011, before or since. .
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