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A show called Lucifer on Netflix

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  • A show called Lucifer on Netflix

    Has anyone watch the TV show/series, Lucifer on Netflix? It started on Fox and has been continued by Netflix. Scheduled to be discontinued several times, but viewer support has stretched it out.

    Believe the next season coming out will be it's last.

    There is one episode where Lucifer administers a punishment and was wondering if he thought that punishment was the worst possible thing for a living person?

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    I watched it on Fox for a couple seasons but tired of it... shortly after Lucifer's mom appeared.


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      Specifically talking about the event that happened at the end of series 4 episode 6.

      It continues in episode 7 which gives you more insight but want to talk about "why they pick that injury as punishment". Do not want to bias anybody's opinion with a spoiler report.

      There are a lot of theological subjects brought up by the the subject matter and sheer production of the show.